Konchord releases Deep and Melodic Oenothera EP

One of Germany’s finest musical underground talents, Konchord, is quickly making a name for himself and presents their newest energy-filled EP “Oenothera.” The slow melodic techno three-track EP delivers atmospheric productions with sharp synths, uplifting melodies, driving basslines, and euphoric arrangements. “Oenothera” takes the listener on a musical journey with a nostalgic techno style combined with a modern psychedelic rock sound.

From the euphoric and melodic title track “Oenothera” to the darker-toned, powerful “Dark Blue Contrails”, Konchord delivers melodic bliss combined with ear-gracing instrumentation. Konchord creates a distinctive sound as he takes techno and makes his own blend. With its third track, “Physical Frame // Only Flow”, this EP maintains a fully charged arsenal of high-octane music that supports the fact that he is set to make a strong impact on the music industry. This release is a testament to Konchord’s versatility as a producer and his innate talent. The EP will be available on all digital streaming platforms on December 4th and is distributed via Bandcamp.

We caught up with Konsti to talk about Oenothera, his creative process, new releases in 2021 and the current mood in German Capital.

HMWL: Hi Konchord, congrats on the new EP Oenothera! You released the beautiful Now Here EP one year ago on Recursive Music (Loving Freedom Is… it’s like one never-ending intro to a perfect DJ set) and also have done a few remixes including one for Timo Chinala on Nie Wieder Schlafen. Please tell us a bit about your musical journey? When did you get into Djing and then into production?

Konchord: Hi and thank you for taking the time. My musical journey definitely has its roots in my family, where we always had music playing, mostly classical music, but I also remember running around the house to the sounds of The Beatles. I have always been playing the piano, at least I can’t remember when I started. In my teenage years I was all about Rock, Punk, and Metal music, started a band with my friends, and finally got more into recording and producing the songs we made. When I got a bit more into Hip-Hop and Electronic music, I also started producing more music by myself and this is how this project was born on May 9th, 2013, with the release of my first EP “Novis” on my own Soundcloud channel.

Oenothera EP contains 3 beautiful pieces of melodic techno with psychedelic elements. Tell us about the inspiration behind the tracks? Are these three separate singles made at different times put together on the EP or did you set out with an original goal to make a 3-track EP?

The ideas for those tracks started at different times, but I worked on them and finished them together for a larger cycle of releases, that I call “Seasons”. For each season I’m releasing a liveset consisting of 7 tracks, 7 episodes so to say. The Oenothera EP is the first release for “Winter”. During each season of this past year, I created one demo every day, ending up with around 20-30 ideas, from which 7 are making it into the liveset, which will be released on Soundcloud and with a visual story & live performance on YouTube very soon. 

Berlin is Europe’s number one hotspot for creativity when comes to electronic music. How did you guys got affected by the dark year of 2020 where hardly anyone got to do any live performances? Is there an overall depressive mood in the community or do you feel that lockdowns fueled even more creativity with more people staying in their studios working on new material?

It’s hard to make an assumption for Berlin overall, but what I experience for myself and with the people around me is that creativity got fueled and sparked in the end. I definitely feel a bit of this depressive mood that comes through the lockdown, more than usually during Berlin winters. But on the other side it allows for so much more focus when going inward and creating something. And during summer Berlin was coming alive in other places than the clubs: In the parks and forests around the city, which was beautiful in its own way.

What’s next in the pipeline of Konchord? Any releases or remixes coming out in 2021 you want to reveal?

A lot is in the pipeline :-) The releases of four more tracks as part of the Winter liveset will come out in the next weeks including an EP on Mystic Tales. Of course the full release of the liveset on Soundcloud and YouTube is coming up soon as well. And another track that I worked on together with AiRKA is coming out on Crépite records in the next few days.

In which mood do you produce the best? Do you have a certain defined studio routine or time frames?

It really depends, but for the Seasons project, I always made music in the mornings. It was the time when I had the best focus and energy. I would meditate in the morning, do a little workout, breakfast, and then I could go for about 3-4 hours to create a finished demo. I don’t always have this routine, but loved to do it for this project.

Which is your favorite plugin or hardware at the moment?

I love the Eventide Blackhole reverb with its eternal depth. And I think there is no track I will release without a bassline made by Moog’s Minitaur.

Do you have a guilty pleasure kind of music outside the electronic sphere? What do you listen to when you get away from the studio?

I love all kinds of music, even though it stays a lot within the electronic realm. When it’s not, then I can get lost for hours in the music of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Depeche Mode… The classics ;-) Two more guilty pleasures: Victor Wooten on the bass, and almost everything produced by Rick Rubin.

We also heard you play(ed) as a bassist in your band? What’s the band’s name and is there a connection to techno?

No, there was no connection to techno for me back then ;-) We were called Diffused, here’s a clip from our performance at the “Backstage” venue in Munich.

Finally, can you name 2-3 less known artists that the electronic music community should keep an eye on in the year 2021? 

I would like to give a shout-out to my friends from the Crépite collective, who are starting their record label this year. They are lovers of slow house and downtempo music and have inspired me to explore this direction as well. For next year I can imagine hearing some beautiful music on their imprint.

Thank you for the interview.

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