Interview: Till von Sein (Suol, Dirt Crew, Tilly Jam)

No doubt, Berlin based artist Till von Sein shows non-stop enthusiasm behind the decks and in the studio as well. His work as a producer has grown to encompass a vast catalogue of releases on labels such as Suol, Dirt Crew and his own label Tilly Jam. His latest album ocean is a timeless masterpiece and only one of the many figureheads of Till.

In addition to his new single releases, Till is now back with a fresh remix for Viktor Talking Machine on Monaberry, the label of Super Flu. We had a little chat with him. So grab a cool drink and enjoy the interview.

Thanks for talking to us today. We’re going to dive right into the serious stuff… Not only the industry is currently facing an unprecedented situation with coronavirus… how is it affecting you, and what do you think some of the long term implications of this will be?

I had my “breakdown“ in early March. Two weeks of total uncertainty and sleepless nights.

However, once I realized that this year is pretty much over in terms of income and how it was more or less planned out, I actually became quite relaxed and started to enjoy the situation. I’ve been working very hard the last 15+ years so I try to see it as something like the holiday I’ve always wanted, from 500 emails a day down to 5, from 16 hour work days to, hey, I can spend the morning at home, reading a book and all of a sudden it’s dinner time again …

Some producers have said that this is giving them plenty of time to get creative in the studio… has that been the case for you? 

I’m still trying to get my groove on. I use this time for being at home with my family, doing stuff I always wanted to do and never really found the time for and just let my mind relax.

And do you think there are any positives at all that we can take from this? 

Slowing down. I have a feeling that a lot of people out there totally forgot what it means to enjoy life and live in the moments. The last couple of years felt to many that I know of like a never ending rat race, and yes, some may need the competition to keep things flowing, but in my honest opinion it is counterproductive on so many levels, rather than ….

Outside of music, what inspires or directs your creativity?

Nature. Family, Food, Travels.

You have just released your remix for Viktor Talking Machine’s – Line on Monaberry, being released digital and on vinyl. What music you’re currently working on as well and what you have coming up soon?

I wanted to release an album in April / May but due to the situation with Covid19 it just didn’t feel right.

So now I release one track every four weeks and see where the journey will take me.

I’m two tracks deep now and seven more to come. But I bet by the time the last track is about to be released I have new stuff in the pipeline that I want to release and push back the “old” tracks even further.

On the one hand you’re seen in the really big media and magazines with premieres and spotlights and on the other hand you seem to be a pretty friendly Dude. How does that fit together in a music industry that doesn’t always shine with kindness?

I did parties with friends 25 years ago and once things got bigger I was always the guy that picked up the guest DJ´s from the airport, took them to the hotel, made sure they had a good time etc.

I could tell pretty quickly who the “good guys“ were and which ones were just…. (well you know what I mean) . 

I for myself always knew that whenever I’d get into a position where people would spend money to see me play music produced by other people in other cities, countries, continents,  I’d treat these people with respect and love. Just because you might find yourself in a position that kids out there admire, it doesn’t give you a reason to be a dick.

Haven’t we all been the kid in front of the DJ booth, looking up to that guy behind it with big eyes?! 

Plus I am good at not  taking things too serious, career wise I’m still not sure, wether that is the right approach 😉 but it definitely helps me in my daily life.

What else is happening in your world right now? 

Im chilling and taking things as easy as possible.  Long walks, books and endless music listening sessions at home, finally time to watch all these youtube videos I always wanted to watch and a lot of sleep.


Enjoy Till von Sein on Spotify and Soundcloud.