Interview: The Toxic Avenger & his masterpiece LP “Midnight Resistance” (Enchanté Rec)

The Toxic Avenger is not only the artist alias of the French musician and DJ Simon Delacroix from Paris, but also a synonym for thrilling music productions.

After several albums, written music for films, video games and big brands, deep technoid collaborations with Greg Kozo on modular synths and about a thousand other inspiring things you could list here, The Toxic Avenger presents his new album Midnight Resistance.

A musical revolution divided into 13 tracks with exciting feature guests like Jay-Jay Johanson and LOOM MUM NO COMPUTER. We talked to Simon about his album, his favourites in his studio and more.

Your new album Midnight Resistance is out now, and we’re loving it. What is the idea behind the title of the album?

There’s plenty of explanations actually. But if I had to pick one: 

I love surreptitious actions, the ones that take part in the dark and I love how everyone can turn into someone different at night.

To what extent does the album and the music you produce reflect your personality?

100% for sure. Depending on the album your listening to, I think you can totally feel my mood of that time – XI, for example was a super dark album
Midnight Resistance  is a much more sunny LP.

There are many exciting collaborations on the album – how was the work with artists like Loom Mum No Computer? How did you do it technically over the distance?

Well, you know … Internet :) I wish i could have spend way more time with all the artists in my studio, but you know, nowadays sadly, everything is made with internet
And I loved worked with Sam though! I love his work and I love how he brings back the DYI punk aesthetic in music, I missed that a lot!

Where’s your favorite gear in the studio right now and why?

My fav gear is the “JUNO 106”, now and forever!

Midnight Resistance is full of the 106. No question, I love his Lush lush sound despite the fact that this synth have only one oscillator, but the Chorus inside is so powerful
You can hear it for example all over daft punk’s albums – specially the 1st and the 2nd one.

We see your album in a line of artists like Kavinsky, Chromeo, Justice on the one hand and Nils Frahm, Jean Michel Jarre and Hauschka on the other. Where do you get so much inspiration from, for this colorful kind of output?

Every reference you gave me I take! They are perfect to me!
I listen to a lot of music, really. From electronic classics to french pop from the 70’s, african music, etc

I’m trying to find beauty in every song I’m listening to…

… so I guess that infused my music a lot! I’m also fascinated by how music saw the future, from the 60’s to the 70’s and early 80’s. And I also get inspiration by the late 70’s architecture, that’s really really inspiring

You manage to combine an enormous amount of genres on the album without
anyone stumbling over it. How did you manage this fusion?

Well, I didn’t manage it!  I’m pretty much doing music without overthinking it! Sometimes it works, sometime it doesn’t. This time I think it worked, there’s a lot of genre in Midnight Resistance, but I think they are all linked by something I have a hard time to define actually..

Maybe it’s the Juno? Who knows!

If the album was inspired by a single film – which one would it be?

Oh, that’s easy “Buffet froid”! This might be my favorite movie of all time

Finally, what can we expect from you in 2020?

Maybe Midnight Resistance V2? And then, to keep working for me, for my label Enchanté Records keep finding new and exciting artists!