Interview: The deep and melodic world of Pretty Pink

We talked to Pretty Pink, probably the most booked DJ in the field of melodic and deep Tech House in Germany. Her unique performances cultivated a great following across Europe. Through a regular stream of high quality mixes in her radio show ‘DEEP WOODS’  she has begun to turn heads in underground circles. Within the span of two years, it landed on 30 leading radio slots worldwide and reached 1 million streams via her socials. Pretty Pink has amply proved her serious talent in the studio as well as behind the decks. Whilst Pretty Pinks DJ sets are very energetic, she also manifests her wandering soul on the producer side. Pretty’s own music has provided her with the chance to reveal a kinetic combination of dark, pulsating house and tech-house, driven beats, and natural energetic melodic compositions paired often with her own vocals.

You are one of the most successful DJs in Germany – what does it mean to you to be recognized by so many people for you work?

I always love what I am doing and I am very graceful that I can live my dream and share my music with the people.

Its great to play at an stages your own productions and the crowd sings along. If they recognize me for my tracks or radio show it means so much for me! I often are very supriced in witch situations you meet fans that identify me.

Please tell us a little about your career; what do you think lead to your success? Was the edit of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky an important part of it?

This is always hard to tell! I would say its a mix of everything! I love what I am doing and I do it very passionated that is the main point! I am a very multifaceted person and keep on working on my brands/project/music every day. Back in the time Get Lucky went strong there was the right time for this music „melodic deep house“ I worked hard on spreading it to the world so I think ist was not only the song, it was all around. Of course I never stopped working on my music I improved it over the years more and more.

You’re busy because you’re a DJ and a producer as well. What are you doing to get inspiration, to relax and stay healthy?

Inspiration for a new track usually come unexpected when I listen to old tracks, travel, meet cultures and play in clubs. I get some how inspired and have to write it down, than do a little research first. I am very open minded and not set to a genre or mood.

To relax and stay healthy its a very basic thing – I love to sleep, so the amount of hours that I sleep needs to be enough 8-10h and of course I am doing some sports running, fitness, yoga, dancing on stage! But this I am doing my whole live already not just started while becoming a traveling DJ, it always was some part in my life. I also love to eat, not masses but very special delicious stuff and try out cultural new food a lot. So in the mean time I would say I eat healthy.


You also have your own label. Where is the journey going with it?

I am a person who never stands still!

I want to explore everything and be more involved, be more creative more outputting. So there are several things coming up! I am already very happy what we achieved in 2019 a count of 40 great releases with amazing artist like Nico push, Nana K. Fred Linger, Fredi Vega, Carlistle, Martin hater and many more. I launched my own musiclabel ‚Wanderlust‘ 2 years ago so that is a great start.  According that I’m always searching for good new music to release (  Building some Label Events and expand a new sublabel „Deep Woods“ like my eponymous radio show & event brand. So there is even more to do.

And what was your best or most exciting gig of 2019?

All the festivals and shows have been epic. I can´t name just one! The organizers are very passionate into the details, starting with the choice of the location, up to the decoration and that makes each festival in its own way quite great and special! This summer was amazing at all the festivals I played. I also did a view vlogs on this thematic, so I let the people be part of my experiences, show them some backstage situations on each event I joined. You should check hey youtube channel and maybe you find some festivals you never have heard before to visit next year. Whether at a lake, on a boat or on a mega stage – when people are celebrating, I’m on fire!


Could you give us your top 5 tracks of the last year?

  • Monolink – Return to Oz (ArtBat Remix)
  • Pretty Pink – Woodtales
  • Reebok – Rattle
  • Andrew Meller – Bee
  • Fredi Vega – Drive
  • Marius Wilk – Piko

Any upcoming new releases we should know about?

Personal I have one new track coming up every month in 2020!

That is a busy schedule, just to name a few…

  • Pretty Pink ft. Mark V. – Don’t Dance (Found Frequencies)
  • Pretty Pink ft. The Element – Pain (Wanderlust Music)
  • Pretty Pink – Move It

On Wanderlust Music ( we start with the following:

  • 03. Jan 2020 Alex Breitling – Different
  • 17. Jan 2020 Rocco redo – Press Play You’ll Feel Music
  • 31. Jan 2020 Bas Turner – PomPom

… and more to come.

Thank you!