Interview: Darksidevinyl

No doubt, the thing that makes Darksidevinyl stand out is that he creates an interesting fusion of contemporary Afro Sounds with progressive and melodic techno elements. With one foot in the current and one step forward taking on a fresh direction. Producing since 1998 and spinning a long time before, Darksidevinyl has won over many of his local clubs and events in St. Petersburg as well on an international level, Pacha and Privilige in Egypt as well as being part of the Ministry of Sound Network.

Darksidevinyl excites music lovers and dancers with his special blend of Afro House, and Progresssive and groovy melodic techno sets. Lately he focused more on the production side of the business releasing under labels like Monaberry and Leisure Music Productions and many more.


Which experience as a DJ has influenced you significantly and also shaped your life in a certain way?

One of the most important experiences in my DJ career was my time in Sharm El Sheikh, which has benefited me a lot in the field of music, as there were many different nationalities and cultures to be found within the music and club scene.

Outside of music, what inspires or directs your creativity?

Besides making music I like to keep fit and do a lot of sports as well as I find a lot of inspiration in nature. Furthermore, I love food and like to cook. To sum it up.. it’s all about body, mind and soul. It’s important to me that I keep all 3 elements in balance.

What do you love most about music, producing and DJing at all?

In general I love all kinds of music.

Music is my means of expressing my personality and feelings. Making music is also a kind of therapy for me because it lets me work through difficult times and emotions that I experienced in my life but on the other hand also expresses my positive experiences. I find myself 100% in the creation of music. It lets me catalyze my emotions and my personality in so many different ways and also expresses my origins, my spirituality and gives form to a mental state of mind. Music for me is Life.

When I DJ, I love to connect with the people and transport through my music a certain message.  While spinning,  I try to convey a certain energy and vibe through the sound. It’s like telling a tale with it.

How did your remix for Jackie Komutatsu released on Leisure Music Productions come to life in the studio? Can you dive into the creation process with us?

When I listened to the original track I really loved specific elements of it right away. I was attracted to certain sounds and instruments in it as well as sound FX and voices. From there on, I chose some elements and started to create the remix. The process how I create the music can probably best described with a pure feeling at this specific moment with those certain elements, that kindle and trigger a creative reaction, which really is hard to describe in words.

It’s an expression of my soul.

Do you think the music you produce is reflective of your personality?
Sure it’s part of me

Finally, what can we expect from you in 2020?

2020 will be a big year for me. In terms of releases I signed multiple EP’s and also singles to great and big labels amongst them: Go Deeva, Perplex, Wired, Mood Funk, Deer Deer, Natura Viva and many more. Futhermore, I am very honored that Dave Seaman is including my track in his set mixed for Balance. ( Compilation Mix ) 2 EP with Go Deeva and with Perplex.  Wired, Mood funk, Deer Deer, Natura Viva One of the biggest changes will be my relocation to Austria/ Vienna, in the spring 2020 , where I will be engaged as new head of production and A&R for Leisure Music Productions.