HMWL Radio Mix – Berny

Berny first came into the public domain with his smash hit ‘Shplatten’ back in 2010 on Luca Ricci’s label Aenaria Recordings. The track rocked all clubs and festivals around the world thanks to the support of Richie Hawtin and Marco Carola and gave  Berny a well deserved international reputation together with a long permanence on Beatport chart.

HMWL: With most of the world heading into quarantine we wanted to know what you are planning to do for the next few weeks?

Berny: No doubts this situation is very hard for people in the music business, especially DJs, club owners and all related people of the induced activities.
Financially it will hit hard many of us, we all know not many of us can afford to live without income for many months.
If you can’t make much money selling music, and streaming service royalties offer a fraction of a cent every time someone plays your album, and you can’t tour clubs, stadiums, festivals, or arenas, what do you do?
Personally I pull the belt and take advantage of the forced time at home to rearrange my Studio and social networks, I will finish projects and collaborations with other artists and I am recording some good podcasts, I still don’t stop buying and listing new music, than never!
For now, we have to wait, make sure as individuals we are not taking actions that are harming ourselves and the people around us. And after that, we will work hard to bring back the beautiful scene that existed till now!

HMWL: Any advice to artists during the next few weeks being unable to play gigs?

Berny: Paradoxically it is a good time for creativity, to listen and compose new and different music, to rest body and mind, to eat less and lose weight, for many DJs a detox period is always positive.

HMWL: If you need to get out of the studio and clear your head, do you listen to any other music than electronic?

Berny: Of course, I love jazz music, every morning when I wake up I listen Pat Metheny and for office work, I can listen from Duke Ellington to Marcos Valle..
If I want to relax with ambient/electronica or modern jazz I love to listen to Japanese producers such as Kaito (Hiroshi Watanabe), Nobukazu Takemura, Ryuichi Sakamoto.
Late afternoon or late at night after Studio work I love to relax with Massive Attack, AIR, Ron Trent, Glenn Underground.

HMWL: How do you stay motivated musically? What’s influencing you a lot these days?

Berny: I always dedicate half of my day in search of new music, I always try to find that producer or label that i don’t know very much, I always try to find my personal track that very few will play, I always try to find original material, new sounds, grooves, ideas.
Right now I love to play dark/obscure disco; this new genre it has been burning slowly for years under the current Techno and Tech House substrate and is finally appreciated thanks to the contribution of great producers such as Damon Jee, Dionigi, Theus Mago, Zombies In Miami, Cabaret Nocturne just to name a few.

HMWL: And what was your best or most exciting gig of 2019/2020?

Berny: Well my best gig was in Prague last year with DJ Fett Burger, was in a warehouse in the industrial area of the city, amazing location, amazing people.
I have to say also that all my gigs in Berlin at Kit Kat are special, I have my residence there at Electric Monday party but for sure I can’t forget the last gig in Salon Renate for Bordel Des Arts last October. I have also really good memories from my regular gigs in Folklor in Lausanne last year with Dj Qu and Marcus Meinhardt and last summer in La Terrazza in Barcellona in august with my friends Animal Trainer.

HMWL: Do you have any upcoming new releases we should know about?

Berny: I am collaborating now with Funk D’Void from Soma Records, we just finished a two tracks EP, the label will be announced soon but I am out with my new single with Oniwax from Upon You Records ‘Best Friends’ on Music Is 4 Lovers.
My next releases will certainly be Dark Disco oriented but I need first to update my Studio gear.

HMWL: Do you have any other passions besides music?

Berny: You won’t believe it but my other great passion is volleyball, in fact, I participate in the mixed national championship, you play 3 mens and 3 womens .. the problem is that womens are stronger than mens so after being scolded at home by my wife I am also scolded by my female teammates, I’m thinking of leaving one of the two..