HMWL Podcast 224 – Filizola

With over thirty years as a DJ, and some other fifteen as a producer, Filizola has carved out a name for himself in electronica by now. Highly-coveted remixes, like his rework of Duran Duran’s ‘Come Undone’, and releases on labels like NYLO have made him an artist to look out for with his ‘fusion of electronic music with rock, jazz, and blues’. We sit down with Filizola himself, and dive deeper into his story.  


HMWL: Hi Filizola, first of all we want to thank you for your time. Tell us, how have the first weeks of 2020 been?

Filizola: Hi guys! Thank you for having me over! In terms of music It’s been good so far, with a lot of new tracks waiting to come out, and as always, working on more productions.


HMWL: What has been your most special event? Tell us why?

Filizola: When I played my last warm up at Casa Morelos for Kolombo. It was a great night and the crowd was into it. He ended up invited me to play all night with him back-to-back so that was truly special. 


HMWL: Sometimes you bring live performance into your sets. Tell us where the inspiration for doing this comes from and what are you looking for in the public?

Filizola: Rossell, a friend and a great DJ & producer, invited me to a club in CDMX for a couple of years, where we played and put on some great parties. The live element always brings attention and I feel more connected that way. I seek to give the sensation of feeling the music come alive, and that they are part of it.


HMWL: When you play, do you adapt to the energy of the venue or does it adapt to your music?

Filizola: I always adapt to the vibes from the crowd and go with the flow.


HMWL: Production-wise, do you have something new that you can share with us?

Filizola: Yeah! There are several collaborations with singers that are already complete, but I can’t name them. You will have to wait until they are released.


HMWL: Many of your productions have vocal arrangements. Why?

Filizola: Vocals are a way to send out a positive message and it makes the music more human. Electronic Music tends to fade away from the human element with all the computers and synths so if you add the right vocal and lyrics you can make the song shine.


HMWL: So far what has been your favorite production and why?

Filizola: Alive. As the titled says, it makes you want to feel alive!


HMWL: What do you expect for the summer season, do you have any master plans?

Filizola: I would love to play in Europe but let’s see how all this virus thing progresses. My grand scheme would be to make it there and play live my own productions.


Listen to his mix now: