Exploring MATARA

The powerful duo MATARA hailing from Israel have shown to be a force to be reckoned with. The duo consisting of Bar Matari and Nave Natan Ostfeld are now sitting on a number of releases that all explore the deeper nature of electronic music with the incorporation of enormous synths and bouncy percussion. With their upcoming release of the absolute banger remix of Laroz & Sheera’s ‘Fly Away’ on HMWL, MATARA is more determined than ever to really make their mark on the underground scene. We sat down with the duo for an interview!

You have separately been involved with and created music for quite some time now, but Matara as a duo is a fairly fresh concept. How long have you been working together and how did you stumble across one another?

MATARA: It all started back when we were 16 years old. We are both from the same small town called Hadera in Israel. Not a lot of people in our area were involved in the music community so we actually found one another on Facebook and started chatting. We decided to start playing music together and had the chance to perform at venues all over northern Israel to Tel Aviv. 

Nave later decided to move and spent five years in the US before returning back to Israel. During this time Bar kept producing music and formed the project ‘MATARA’ about two years ago. After Nave’s return we found us having the same dreams regarding music and decided that we would, with our different skill set, function very well as a team when it comes to music and we went for it. The rest is history!

“We keep on pushing and always ask ourselves.. Why not?”

The original ‘Fly Away’ track by Laroz & Sheera is a calm and soothing production, and you managed to turn it into an absolute dance floor banger that sounds amazing. What was the thought process behind this move?

MATARA: First of all we’d like to say thank you to Laroz for reaching out to us after hearing our music. We immediately accepted to remix this track and we loved everything about the original, and we loved the fact that the moment we heard the original we knew where we could take it and how to put our own touch on it. No matter how the original was produced first we alway produce what we would want to hear on the dancefloor and never forget that we began to love music as a crowd and our mindset is to always think like that. To produce tracks that will make you feel goosebumps and dance.

It took us quite some time to agree on what sounds to use to progress the track, but the great thing about having two minds working is being able to put each other’s individual touches and ideas on the track to make it bigger and stronger. We always believe that two minds work better than one, and it’s a great way to challenge ourselves with staying out of the “safe zone” when it comes to music production.

Israel as a country has a great history of producing quality electronic music acts within genres ranging from everything from house to psytrance. How would you say that this has influenced and inspired you as artists?

MATARA: There’s no doubt that it has influenced  us greatly and inspired us as artists. No matter how great the music, the music industry in Israel is still small. But this means that the artists get to know each other and show each other support. 

In a musical way – It was really great to grow up here. Every single party in a different district of Israel offers a different kind of music. In that way you get exposed and get to enjoy music from all over the world. Looking at all of the great DJs that get to represent Israel on the biggest stages all over the world has been a huge inspiration. Since we started our career we’ve imagined ourselves being able to do the same thing and we keep putting all our efforts to hope to get there one day. We always knew that to achieve what we want to achieve we would need to do something special. We are thankful that we started the project ‘MATARA’ and we promised our supporters and fans to always do our best.

We both love to party and listen to all kinds of music and let us surprise you – when we chill during the day or when we’re driving the percentage of times that you’ll find us listening to jazz or even Elton John is higher than us listening to electronic music!

In a short period of time you have managed to play and perform at a great deal of various clubs and venues around Israel really making a name for yourselves. If you could choose any venue in the world to perform at, where would that be? And why?

MATARA: We’re aiming at playing in every place and city all over the world for people who are really into our music and feel like we do. We promise that we will deliver a great experience no matter if it is for one person or thousands of people. The most important thing is that we get to play our original music and show that we’re confident in our music.

Regarding your question, the dream is to be able to perform at the mainstage of Tomorrowland – peak time – with only MATARA originals. It’s as you say:”Go big, or go home”. If we achieve a magical moment like that, we’ll take it as a sign that we can rest a bit afterwards. But until then, we will have no rest.

Every artist tends to have a few names of artists who have somewhat inspired their sound or style of music. Do you have any names that come to mind that have inspired the sound of Matara?

MATARA: There’s so many from so many genres over the years, but some that have greatly inspired us are: Black Coffee, Stephan Bodzin, Boris Brejcha & Artbat. When you listen to our tracks you might not find it right away, but we tend to find little sounds or details that inspire us to think up awesome stuff to put in our tracks. We might be driving to the studio, hear a nice sound through the radio and boom, a new crazy idea emerges!

We are taking the next steps towards pushing the

boundaries of the crowds mindset”

Lastly, you have been very active with the release of new and fresh tracks for the past year and a half. What can the fans expect from Matara in 2021?

MATARA: Wow, no words can describe the feeling of thinking about what we are planning to release till the end of this year and you will find our releases on the biggest dance floors and hopefully played by us. However, you are not gonna find the same MATARA that you know – as we’ve upgraded our music to another level. We took all the sounds and previous “bricks” to build and become more and more complete as MATARA, with the constant goal of producing tracks that will make you smile and dance with goosebumps.

We have an EP release scheduled for December 23d including 6 fresh tracks to end this year with. This EP will mark a big moment for us, and gives us the chance to really show who we are as a duo. Furthermore, we have few collaborations with local and global producers that are cooking, but we’ll have to keep that one quiet for a while longer!

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