Eche Palante returns with iconic house single “The Lonely”

Miami’s own Eche Palante is one artist that you may already be familiar with at this point. His song ‘I Got You’ has already received millions of plays via music curator outlets such as Chill Nation on Youtube and The Tipsy Tortoise on Soundcloud. The young artist seems to now be preparing to release music consistently on Tipsy Records who is notoriously discovering, developing, and re-announcing artists back into the scene.

His latest release “The Lonely” might even be his greatest so far, featuring legendary singer songwriter Mike James who goes uncredited. The singer contributed a flawless performance on this record and Palante matched that in full with high caliber production. The record couldn’t have climaxed into something more iconic. These two were able to concoct a house vibe so fresh that the song sounds like it’s innovating off of what’s current today. Here’s a record that could really go boom!

Tipsy Records ยท Eche Palante – The Lonely