Danny Howells – Shore (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) [Deep House / Selador 2020]

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Mihai Popoviciu brings a funky yet deep and minimal rework of Danny Howells Shore

3D or not 3D, that is the question. The answer, in this particular case, is sort of. Yes, it is the 3D(ream) Team of Howells (D for Danny), Emerson (D for Darren) and Seaman (D for Dave). The three musketeers who since 2017 have harnessed their considerable talents to deliver expertly curated back to back DJ sets and finely crafted slabs of dancefloor goodness via the good ship Selador.

This time round, however, it’s 3D squared. Whilst scrupulously observing the Rule of 6, three fellow travellers from around the globe have been invited to join our motley crew, bringing their remix expertise to the (legal, socially distanced) party.

These are challenging times but music remains the best panacea. And while all three offerings here are deserving of your attention in their own right, what unites them is a mastery of soothing atmospherics, a sonic blanket to wrap around yourself. All will transport you to the dancefloors we yearn to be on right now, but each mix also doubles up as an electronic balm custom made for your headphones.

First up, we return to 2018’s first EP, and Dave’s brilliantly titled ‘Hired State of Unconsciousness.’ For remix duties, we visit France, and invite the ever-popular Rodriguez Jr to pick up the baton. A naggingly insistent acidic riff is gradually enveloped by gorgeous melodies guaranteed to set you adrift on memory bliss.

We then hop over the border and ask legendary German genre-straddler Ian Pooley to take the controls and re-work Darren’s paean to pioneering New York imprint ‘Sleeping Bag from this year’s trilogy-completing third EP in the series. We are rewarded with a characteristically mesmeric slice of hypnotic funktronica.

For our third selection, Romania’s electronic ambassador Mihai Popoviciu, veteran of so many leading labels, takes on Danny’s ‘Shortwave’, also from the third EP. Here we have a blissful builder of a mix, with an irresistible lead hook aided and abetted by numerous tectonic elements weaving in and out of the track.

So 3 x 3 it is, you can do the maths.

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