Chambord – Mamentia [Melodic House / ABRACADABRA]

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Blondish’s ABRACADABRA is back with an outstanding EP from Chambord!

The year was 1987, and the sun was setting down on the golden sands of Eastern Sierrra
Leone, a small, but enthusiastic group of locals were gathering, high spirits and joyous
laughter could be heard, and the assembled congregation began to express themselves
through the divine coupling of dance and intoxicating drink. At first the sound was distant, but
as the cool evening breeze wafted in, the pulsating throb of drums and rhythmic percussion
grew louder, crystalline melodies floated inwards, and the burgeoning crowd began to dance
with vigor and vitality. It was at this point that I was approached, almost caught unaware, as
a porcelain figured girl, with long black hair, beauty like I had never seen before, came right
up to me, her eyes wide and full of expectancy, drilling straight into my own pupils. She held
out her hand, so small it really dwarfed my own, and a small red pill rolled gently in the very
dip of her palm. Her lips un-pursed as she raised herself slightly onto tip toe, and whispered
into my ear, “would you like to share this with me?”…….

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