“Andreas Henneberg – All Right Now” Album of the month

With his new longplayer “All Right Now” Andreas Hennerberg has created something really outstanding. A masterpiece between House, Tech House, Melodic and Techno. But who cares about genres – h brings the feeling from the dancefloors of our world to our home on 16 tracks.

From the first to the last minute one feels the ecstasy of the night, the groove in the club and can let oneself go completely. We talked to the man who regularly releases on labels like Bedrock and Desert Hearts Records.

Thanks for talking to us today Andreas. For the uninitiated, is there one particular record or aspect of your career that you’re best known for?

Thankfully not haha.. I’m one of those guys who really hope to never ever write a hit or get hyped for something I do. Music became so a quickly consumed, that a hit lasts a month or two. After this it disappears into nirvana.

An artist may be reduced to that certain track, and then? I really prefer a stable long term career without any focus on writing hits or being crazy successful. I’m trying to re-invent and surprise myself with every new track and proudly look back to my discography instead of one single song. 

This year have been crazy, and not what any of us were expecting. Is there any aspect of the pandemic in particular that you’ve found it tough to deal with?

For most of us it’s a tough time. Especially for self-employed people and of course the whole event industry. Here in Germany everybody in the music industry is struggling with the blindness of our politicians. They are pumping billions into airlines and the car manufactures but deny any help for the event industry at the same time.

No income since 9 months is a pretty rough thing to deal with. On the other hand I never had such a healthy sleep cycle and time to spent with my family.

Not everything is bad.. 

Was the months in lockdown or restricted social activity what spurred you on to make the album? Or was this planned long before any of this kicked off? 

My agent kept the whole month of March free for me to work on my album. After 3 months of touring I came back to Berlin on the 8th of March, super happy to hit the studio and work on my album. Just 3 days later we had the lockdown here in Germany and there was nothing else to do than to sit in the studio 12 hours every day.

That was fantastic until all the cancellations for my upcoming shows came in. What a catastrophe this was.. Anyway, I kept focusing on the music with the confidence that this virus thing is over after a few weeks anyhow. Well…

Onto your new album then… Why and what is “All Right Now“?

On my US tour at the beginning of the year someone told me a pretty stupid but funny dad-joke. I told it to everybody I met and it kept me laughing for a long time. “Did you hear about the guy whose entire left side got chopped off? No? He’s all right now.“

On the other hand this small sentence is letting a lot of room for interpretations. I like it and it’s connected to something really funny.

Your studio looks like a real synth paradise. But what challenges did you face when working with such amount of gear in your studio on the album?

Actually the whole studio how it is today is reduced to the things I really like and work with. 5-6 synths, some samplers and drum-machines. It’s really important for me to focus on machines I know to get to what I have in mind as fast as possible. I’m not a sound designer, spending hours in front of a modular system to create a fart sound. 

The most essential tool is the Minimoog Voyager.

Especially from a creative point of view. It’s the essence of a synthesizer with a direct access to all important parameters. Not more, not less. Nearly every creative session starts with a jam on the Minimoog

What have you missed most about being able to tour this album, or play the tracks in a live setting? 

Actually everything!

My absolute passion is the stage and the dj or live performances.

Usually every production is tested in front of a crowd at least 10 times in different versions before it’s released. I’m doing dance music which is made for dirty clubs and boisterous festivals, so it’s pretty interesting to release this album without any road-testing.

Sure, I could have made an ambient album instead. The original plan was to have a live tour connected to the album. This was also the main reason why I decided to produce an album for the dance-floor instead of a listening or concept long-player.

Finally – what else is on your agenda?

I’m working hard on the next orchestra shows for my SYNTH HAPPENS project.

Rearranging tracks from my album, transcribing everything to single instruments and writing scores together with my arranger Chris Dellacher.

For 2021 I’m planning new shows together with the German Film-Orchestra Babelsberg. At the same time we are working on a new album for my second main project „The Glitz“ together with my dear friend and long time colleague Daniel Nitsch.

It’s not getting boring but I really miss touring, meeting people and playing loud music on proper sound-systems.

I have high hopes that next year is going to be a wild one. 

Andreas Henneberg – All Right Now (SNOE) Album out now

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