A new take – Crimsen & Feyln feat Oliver Wickham – Grey Skies (Pandhora Remix) [Progressive House / HMWL 2020]

This magical new take on the amazing original is just what we need right now as we head into darker and colder evenings. The Pandhora duo add a touch of magic and flair lifting this track to new heights with their whimsical synths and soaring psychedelic guitar. They carefully and secretly weave their way into the original mix by Crimsen and Feyln against Oliver Wickhams firm but gentle vocals, almost transporting the track to a decade known for deloreans, shopping malls and video game consoles.

This retro, psychedelica vibe delivers a hopeful, uplifting remix that stays true to the original and its melancholy mystique. Pandhora are musical storytellers that love to take you on a musical journey through space and time then drop you back down to earth leaving you with a warm, positive feeling that anything is possible.

Magic, Pure Magic.

Video Produced by EBlo www.instagram.com/eblomusic_/