“We try to evoke a feeling in everything we do” Fabrikate interview

Fabrikate are Francis and Chuck — two guys with similar tastes and interests digging into the past to uncover some long lost musical wisdom. Their devotion to this quest grants them laser focus, working like madmen to create bumping, neon-flecked sonic landscapes for their listeners to wander through.

Both Francis and Chuck have their own personal tie to the disco era and the forgotten magic left with it. They grew up listening to celestial funk throughout their childhoods in Montreal, an island with deep disco roots of its own. The music they produce as Fabrikate takes the spirit of disco and weave it into a modern sound, with breathtaking results.

On their stunning new album Made Me Feel, Fabrikate take a trip back to the glory days of disco, a time when love was the answer, inclusion was the only message worth spreading and everyone was invited.

Tell us a brief potted history of Fabrikate, and tell us one thing about yourselves that you think makes you stand out?

Fabrikate came to life about 5 years ago now, which is around the time we both met. We’re just two guys with similar musical tastes and a keen attraction towards the classics, with a spotlight on DISCO. If we had to choose one main thing that stood out, it would have to be that the vision for Fabrikate has always been solely about the music. We didn’t embark on this project with the hopes of attracting any fame and always wanted it to be about the musical journey we’re presenting to the listeners…. and that is why we chose to keep our identities behind the curtains.

Your new album Made Me Feel is out now, and we’re loving it. From the title it sounds like you think disco – and music in general – should always evoke emotions in people, is that the case?

Fabrikate has always been about the music and the engaging experience we bring forth through our music. We want the people listening to escape their current state and bring them to a place they’ve never been before – evoking past emotions from an era they were alive to see and for some, a bumpin’ ride to a place they’ve never been before. Let your imagination take its course and let us know how it made you feel. Our motto had always been about the experience deliver to our fans, whether it’s live or through the music. We’re always trying to evoke a feeling in everything we do. How did it make you feel?…and oh, it may just be a lyric from one of our new tracks ;)

Giogrio Moroder famously said, “disco is for dancing, and people will always want to dance”. is the dancefloor reaction and impact of your music always at the forefront of your mind when you’re producing?

Absolutely! Imagine playing for an empty dancefloor. From DJ’s to live bands, we’ve all experienced not-so-flattering rooms or people who just aren’t diggin’ what you’re playing. That’s especially the key to a good DJ – so we’d be lying if we weren’t always thinking live when producing. There are of course moments when songs come together in studio with no real direction and become our favourites

Have you always made music together, or do you have/have you had solo careers/pursuits separate from one another?

We both learned how to produce before even knowing each other but never really pursued solo careers. The one-off remix and singles were as far as it went and only shifted into full gear once we began crafting together.

How do you resolve disputes in the studio when you’re producing? Or do you always agree on everything?

Thankfully, there haven’t been any serious disputes to date and we’ve always found common ground when the odd disagreement came about. Of course, there is no marriage without disagreements or disputes but we like to separate and sleep on a track when there is any uncertainty at all. Sometimes it’s a very long sleep but when we finally get back to working on the track-in-question, we usually come to an understanding and evidently agree on the proper direction for the song.

Do you think the music you produce is reflective of your personalities?

That’s an interesting question! we think so, It’s an automatic thing, we’re so emotionally involved in the making of the songs that it’s unthinkable for us to go out and make music that doesn’t reflect what we’re all about. We’re two upbeat guys with a lot of energy that feed on good vibes, and that’s what our music is all about.

Outside of electronic music, what do you guys listen to? Do you also take inspiration from other genres?

Absolutely. We follow so many different scenes and how they all affect the way we write our own music. There’s so many bands and artists that we love, genres means very little to us. A typical weekend playlist for us contains its fair share of Mac Demarco, Jungle, Kanye West, Yellow Days, Tame Impala, Jadu Heart, City And Colour, Men I Trust, Sum 41 alongside disco and electronic music. We think that just like practicing multiple sports makes you a better athlete overall, listening to lots of different genres of music makes you a better musician.

Where do you feel like the line is drawn between house and disco… clearly one was born from the other, but in modern house and disco are there any elements that define one but not the other?

From where we stand, disco music is performed by a band with real instruments. That’s where the line is drawn for us. House music has essentially borrowed the format and the arrangement approach of disco, but has replaced recorded human performances by drum machine sequences and/or samples of recorded human performances. In essence, house music allows its maker or producer to be its own one man band with the use of technology, where as disco’s birth comes with the combination of individuals playing their respective instruments, and theres no way around that.

As we’re coming to the end of the decade, who in your option has been the greatest (or at least your favourite) musician of the last ten years?

For his ability to constantly reinvent himself, for his incredible sense of musicianship and attention to detail, for his respect towards the greats that came before him and for his remarkable creative bandwidth, Kanye West is for us the most complete musician from the past decade. So many others come to mind in many different genres, but really no one matches the magnitude of Kanye’s greatness. His production skills are incredible as well as being an incredible writer as well.

Finally, what can we expect from you in 2020?

Expect the unexpected! We’re always trying to push our creative boundaries when it comes to producing or live performances. We’re definitely going to hit the road so stay tuned for that, but we also have so much music already in the funnel and we can’t wait to share it. We have an awesome music video coming out for our album as well.

Fabrikate’s album Made Me Feel is out now on KooKoo Records – listen & buy