Montreal’s HOKI release their debut single ‘Almost Home’ on The Young Proprietor

Stepping out into the Indie Electronic limelight, Montreal’s HOKI release their debut single ‘Almost Home’. The collaborative project fuses Varti Deuchoghlian’s diverse experiences as a producer with Australian vocalist Brent McCormick’s powerful songwriting. With nearly two decades of combined experience and musical exploration, including former metal and trance projects, the duo collides in the form of HOKI. Instrumental performance and emotion-packed lyrics are at the forefront of the HOKI sound, which represents the unique ability of electronic music to draw from vast arrays of influence and inspiration. Their first single, Almost Home, begins with a soothing intro that builds into a steady deep beat, slowly rising and falling with gorgeous guitar tones. The tough nuances of love are the focus of McCormick’s endearing vocals, which melt with the melody to create a beautiful, emotional ballad.

As somebody always at the forefront of fresh emotive productions, Clarian was a natural fit to remix HOKI’s Almost Home. The enigmatic musician is a name synonymous with heart bending melodies, imaginative synth work, and progressive collaboratives. Never one to conform to the industries desires, Clarian has been introducing fresh influences to the scene though out his storied career. By injecting energy into the groove, Clarian invites Almost Home into the club scene. Primed for sunset serenades and dance floors brimming with emotion, this rework is the perfect representation of Hoki’s promise and Clarian’s storied ability to create magic moments.

‘Almost Home’ and Clarian’s remix were released July 12th on The Young Proprietor, a new label focused on live electronic music.

Listen to ‘Almost Home’ here –

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"Montreal’s HOKI release their debut single ‘Almost Home’ on The Young Proprietor"