Interview: Matchy – organic, melodic and damn groovy

Hailing from never sleeping Berlin MATCHY can be considered as a leading synonym for modern deep and dynamic techno and house. Or something in between. But who cares about exact genres? With a profound sense and a highly empathic absorption, MATCHY sprinkled continuously sales charts and playlists with dozens of significant releases with different projects over the past years.

Above all the impressive output settled down in the release catalogues at some of the foremost labels in the electronic underground scene within the last years. Alongside more than 10 contributions on the infamous Katermukke label, MATCHY placed an incomparable stamp on the imprints music. Further releases on labels like Coyu’s Suara Music or Oliver Koletzki’s Stil vor Talent make the artist’s direction obvious. We talked with MATCHY about current projects, his passion for music and the future.

What do you love most about music? What do you feel when producing and DJing?
I believe music is a universal language, which can be understood and above all felt across the whole world. Music is very closely connected with emotions: there is music for basically every feeling you can have. No matter if you’re happy or sad, there’s always a song that will fit your current emotional state.
Personally I prefer making people happy. That’s what I actually love about music and making electronic music – it’s connecting people from different countries and cultures, giving people some space and freedom to escape from their every day lives. Just enjoying the moment, feeling the music and dancing simply like they want to.
It’s hard to describe what I feel while djing.

Usually I’m super focused on the music and the dancefloor vibe.

When it comes to producing it basically the same and I just let it flow and the beats and melodies just come out of my head.

Which experience as a DJ has influenced you significantly and also shaped your life in a certain way?
Music certainly influenced my own development, mindset and personality. It made me realize and understand what matters in life for me. I grew up with music playing instruments, so it had always been a great part of my life. Nevertheless I have to admit that in the first couple of years DJing, I didn’t feel to comfortable about playing my own tracks. This is totally different today. I can’t really narrow it down to one experience that changed it because this has been rather a development than one single event. But the decision to move to Berlin in the beginning of 2018 definitely changed a lot: I quit my “regular” job, left my home and friends and fully concentrated on music.
The appreciation I then received here for playing my new own tracks gave me confidence to follow this path.

Nowadays I love playing my own tracks and at the end of the day this is really what defines my sound and has become my trademark.

There are only few things that are greater than testing a new production and this is then one of the outstanding tracks of the night really moving the crowd.

There are constantly new technical developments for DJs and producers. Where do you think our scene is going? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
This is really hard to tell. The technical developments made a lot of things easier in the last couple of years. With sample packs and premade productions almost everybody is able to produce a, let’s say “okay track”. But it won’t help you differentiate, being different than other artists or having your own style.
Now this sounds quite negative, but I’m actually really happy about this “improvement”. DJing has become way more comfortable with higher CDJ generations and producing as well with plugins that give you the freedom of producing anywhere you want, making hardware needless. So all in all, there are pros and cons to that development.
I refrain from making predictions… you know, bad luck haha. But I will continue my path of my own interpretation of Melodic House & Techno I started in 2018. There are quite a few things in the pipeline, therefore I think 2020 will be an incredible year.

What are your plans for the next few months?
I’m trying to spend as much time as possible in the studio finishing a bunch of tracks for next year. Some of these I’ve already been working on for a couple of months, especially on a few ones I did together with singers. The production process certainly takes longer, all the more I can’t wait until they will finally be released.

Besides I’m working on launching my own label soon and I’m planning a live-set for the festival season.

You have not only played in Europe, but also in South America – any tours planned for next year?
2019 has been a great year with my track “Irreversible” on Katermukke not only being one of the most successful Progressive House tracks on Beatport this year (It’s in the Top10 for 4 months now already) but also being heavily played on festivals and all around the globe.
For 2020 there are already tours in the planning for South Africa, Australia, the US, South America again… and let’s see what else.

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