Interview with Luna City Express – Releases New “Full Force” EP on Lapsus Musik label

Hi guys, thank you for taking the time to talk to us here at House Music with Love. How long have you known each other for, and when did you guys start working together?

We’re going to celebrate 20 years of Luna City Express in 2020. That’s also when we’ve met and started doing music together at the same time.

How did the name Luna City Express come to be you guys’ artist name?

We chose the name Luna City Express for our project in 2004. The meaning spins around our heads like a comic strip: there’s a night express full of dancing freaks. We are the ones that start the vehicle and take the mob along onto the trip – Luna City will be the destination. The way there: a journey through House Music, coloured & transverse!

You have an EP coming out called “Full Force” on the Italian label Lapsus Music. What was the reason behind calling it “Full Force” and how did you come to release your EP with this label?

Supernova, who are running the label Lapsus Music, are supporting our music since a long time and are meanwhile good friends. We also released our last album Lunation on their label as well as a couple of EPs. At the beginning of 2019 “The Soul Of A DJ” feat. Roland Clark came out on Lapsus Music and we are going to close the year with another EP on this label. “Full Force” is a quite energetic track, which is why we have chosen this name.

Which software/hardware did you use to produce the track?

The track is pretty simple and doesn’t have that much elements. All sounds are basically samples, like single drum sounds or multi samples.  We produced everything in the box and used Ableton Live and its Plug-ins as well as a couple of UAD Plug-ins and Soundtoys Plug-ins. For the mixdown we used external gear like a summing mixer, an EQ and a compressor.

Which artists do you look up to or have inspired you over the years?

There are quite a lot of artists we look up to and who have inspired us over the years. Prince and Michael Jackson have been probably the biggest ones. But also Danny Tenaglia, Masters At Work, DJ Sneak, Armand van Helden, David Morales, Franky Knuckles, Cajmere, Johnny Dangerous and Robert Owens inspired us and are obviously closer to our actual sound.

What other projects are you two working on together?< We are actually working on our 3rd longplayer in the context of our 20 years jubilee.

Finally, what are some of your future plans?
The biggest priority is definitely to raise our children and live a good life with our families. Furthermore, there are no proper plans but dreams. We would love to escape the German cold permanently, even though we are used to it. But living with the sun all year around brings a quite different lifestyle. Last but not least, music will be a part of our lives until the end.

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