Don’t miss these 5 artists at ADE 2019

Are you coming to Amsterdam Dance Event 16 – 20th October? Than here are 5 acts we highly recommend you to go and see:

1. El Mundo & Zazou

Berlin based Pim Van Der Burgt and Jaschar Vossoug are the producer & live act duo El Mundo & Zazou. Together they create the mystic deep sound with vocal, tribal and oriental elements. Their  2019 release list is very impressive including Can You See What I See (on Kindish including Elfenberg remix), Smarahna Ep on Pipe & Pochet, Babylon on Earthly Delights and our favorite Fractions (From the recent House Of Ligths EP on Do Not Sit on The Furniture).
Catch El Mundo & Zazou at Into The Woods Festival at NDSM Friday Night, and also Axel Boman, Feathered Sun, Maya Jane Coles, Stavroz, Tunnelvisions and many more.

2. HOSH presents Fryhide boat party

Our long-time Dyianamic music favorite HOSH will be hosting his own Fryhide label party. Of course on a boat in colaboration with Soundfleet, at Pier 14 just behind Amsterdam Centraal.

3. Maya Jane Coles

With the brand new remix of Gold Field’s Cocoon and a series of new dark releases under Nocturnal Sunshine monicker Maya remains the queen of Deep house in our books. You can catch Maya Jane Coles once again at Into The Woods Festival at NDSM Friday Night.



4. Kerala Dust

KERALA DUST seeks to bridge that divide between electronic music and traditional songwriting. There sound is a unique blend of jazz-infused downtempo with a strong vocalist fit for any occasion. With releases on label’s such as Laut & Luise and Acid Pauli’s Ouïe, Kerala Dust are a must-see at this years ADE.

You can catch them at Andhim & Oliver Koletzki invites at WesterUnie

5. Leafar Legov

There’s not much information out there about Leafar, he has no social media pages and even Resident Advisor don’t have a bio for him. He has only ever released one track digitally, the rest are some of the most sort out vinyls. The one thing that we do know about him is that his music is damn good!

You can find Leafar at the Giegling at paradiso event

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