Constantijn Lange & RVNSWY


When days are getting colder and shorter, at least in the northern parts of Europe, it is time to get cozy in our microcosm, share some hugs with nostalgia our best friend at the moment. Today we have the utmost pleasure of bringing you a beautiful ear invoking track.

This is Constantijn Lange’s new track “Phonic Knights” which is a result of his passion for thickly layered synth melodies, atmosphere recordings, deep basslines and self-made percussion designs which give his music a recognizable vibe which can be heard on nearly every production he was involved in so far.

We got an exclusive premiere on our YouTube channel and included Constantijn’s amazing artwork that he painted himself to go along with the release.

The soundtrack for this is being delivered by Constantijn Lange´s second release on RVNSWY. Constantijn founded his own label RVNSWY to explore a more creative side of music where he can be free to create whatever he likes, and he definitely did a good job on this one!

The original version slowly starts with an ambience of the pacific ocean combined with a synthesizer noise, both fading into a repetitive arpeggio tune which constantly morphs and changes its frequency during the whole track. Like a street leading us towards an exotic environment with bright and shiny colours to the left and right as well as in the wideness of the sky. On this expedition with melodic speed of light and deepness at the same time, the Phonic Knights are discovering a vision of the future in our heads maybe turning into reality one day. As a little gift, improvised blue notes and chord progressions have been captured for you on a live recorded version of this carefully handcrafted piece of music.

Don’t let the cold and darkness get you down, instead put on this tune and be taken to the pacific and colourful ambience this track takes you through.