Interview: Acado – feels like good brainwashing

What actually happens when you bring quantum physics, the love for Downtempo and Afro House and an honest friendship together? To tell you the truth: We don’t know for sure. But Berlin based Artist duo Acado, whose story consists of exactly these ingredients. The two unconventional gentlemen release regularly on labels like Traum Schallplatten, Stil Vor Talent, Monaberry and Rebellion der Traumer. And no doubt, their sets are more than memorable journeys to Nirvana and back. We could catch the two before their first tour to America and have a little chat.

So Daniel & Felix, you met one colorful night in Berlin at a tram stop. So that is where it all started?

Daniel was actually on his way to Berghain, when he saw a crowd dancing across the street.  They were following the sound of Felix’ mobile sound system. By then, he was organizing spontaneous and moving raves in and around Berlin subway. We had to change places all over again that night – “inspired” by the police that friendly kept on asking us to leave.

You are working and DJing as a team for a couple of years now – What do you think has changed in your musical style since the early days?

There is our transition from rather melodic tech house to downtempo/ afrohouse/ disco – or whatever you might call it. As a side effect, our sub and basslines probably got a bit more massive. It’s always fun to watch the bookers’ faces when they put you on the main floor at peak time and you start with a very slow track. And then it’s fun watching them again, when they start to realize the massiveness of the sub bass. There is just more time for the bass to evolve in between two kicks in downtempo. And we do like bass. Massages your brain.

What was the first electronic music record you ever bought?

Dominik Eulberg’s album with the bird sounds! This dude is so funny. Still loving the comments about the birds in between – and the fact that he looks a bit like the son of Family Guy. Makes him even more likeable.

You seem to have a passion for rare instruments. At least that’s what you see in your often humorous videos. Do you work a lot with analog devices and instruments?

In general, we like stuff that makes sounds. Especially when the sound is a bit rare somehow. And we try to not take it too seriously. And if we still do so, we go to a “Späti” and get a beer.

What’s your current production set-up?

The very core of our basic setup is constant change and chaos.

But the newest toys that managed to sneak in are an Octatrack – and an ukulele. Let’s see what comes out of that.

Your latest track on Monaberry found great support. And your current EP on Lump Records went straight into the Beatport charts – do you take note of such things?

No, we’re hovering around on clouds all the time, meditating about the deeper meaning of funny looking animals… Sure we notice! Though it didn’t particularly make us rich bitches yet.

Where do you gather inspiration between music sessions?

We already mentioned the “Spätis”, right? To avoid being renamed to “Beercado”, we won’t mention it again. If you really need to get inspiration and find your inner flute or ukulele: Go to an Alpaca farm! Sooo fluffy!! But be careful they’re usually hiding a very sharp knife under their fur.

And do you have a dream destination you’d still like to visit as DJs?


What can we expect from Acado during the upcoming months?

We‘re going to Mexico!! In January! Palms, sun and chili! Also, we will be part of the next Rebellion der Träumer compilation and on Monaberry’s “Herber’ts Best IX” vinyl. And of course, we keep on looking for rare and funny sound combinations. Maybe it’s time for a really dark and massive ukulele track.

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