Best Practice: Pitching your electronic music to Spotify offical editorial playlists (from July 2018)

How to get your electronic music on the big Spotify playlists like Deep House Relax (1,2M followers) & Techno Bunker (500k followers)? We guild you through the new Spotify playlist submission process.

Many electronic labels releasing house, deep house and techno still focus on Beatport as their main royalty generator. Meanwhile, there are good long tail royalty opportunities to be found on Spotify that has come to become the worldwide dominating streaming player. The approximate royalty payout per one premium subscriber stream on Spotify is €0,005 meaning you need to reach at least one million streams to generate €5000+ per track. The best way to get stream volumes on Spotify is to get your track added to one of their official playlists. See two HMWL deep house tracks Ascorbite – Filten and Kaldera & Lazarusman – Oceans of My Mind (Urmet K remix) as a large volume references.

New Spotify playlist submission from 19th July 2018 (Beta)

To use the new Spotify playlist submission tool log in to either Spotify for Artists or Spotify Analytics (for labels). Make sure to pitch every forthcoming priority track at least 3-4 weeks in advance to give enough time for Spotify editors. Make sure your distributor has already delivered the track to Spotify so you can find it among forthcoming releases in Analytics / Spotify for Artists.

Be as brief as possible. Spotify receives 20k new tracks every day and you want to get straight to the point. Pitch the following points and be as brief as possible:

  • Genre & Mood
  • Early success & Selling points (max 2 sentences)
  • Marketing activities on your side

Our typical Spotify pitch ahead of a release looks like this:

  • Relaxing Deep house by Kaldera & Lazarusman
  • Deep House Amsterdam premiere on the release date. Youtube Timelapse video and 20k streams the first week.
  • Facebook Ads two first weeks.

Walkthrough New Spotify Playlist Submission using Spotify Analytics

  1. Select an unreleased track from your catalogue (make sure to do this 3-4 weeks in advance)

2. Select Genre & Subgenres.

3 Add description and selling points.

Spotify playlist legacy submissions forms

The old Spotify forms will be slowly phased out, but are still active while the new Playlist submission beta is being rolled out. For Electronic / Dance use Austin Kramer’s online form. For general releases use the Track & Album form. Make sure to have these ready:

  • Email
  • Your name
  • Song title
  • Preview link (Soundcloud or Dropbox)
  • Label / Distributor info
  • Genre / Subgenre
  • Playlists where the track would fit
  • Selling points
  • Release date

Coming up – Full list of Spotify playlist suitable for electronic genres (house / deep house / techno / edm / future bass / etc)

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