HMWL presents Bologna’s DJ Cream + exclusive podcast.

Lets start by talking about your influences. We read here on the press sheet that the likes of Phil Weeks really inspire your work. What is it about the combination of hip-hop and house music that you love so much?

DJ Cream: I think that the energy is the key, house and hip-hop give me a particular feeling. It’s a kind of warm energy that I love. If I had to compare it to colours I feel like they are different shades of the same one.

In terms of modern-day hip-hop, what are your thoughts on it all? Is it a sound you can get behind and is it more a case of just having to dig a little deeper to find the good stuff do you think?

DJ Cream: I think that now you have to dig deeper just because there is a lot more stuff out there! I’m a huge fan of old school but I have a lot of favourite artists nowadays, Anderson Paak & The Free Nationals just to name one, their sound is a really interesting mix between old school and new school. It’s absolutely what I love the most now.

Do you feel electronic music is more genuine in that regard? And when was the last time you heard a piece of hip-hop that really moved you?

DJ Cream: No, I think that is more or less the same thing, except the fact that one is really.

Let’s chat about the MPC, a piece of equipment that obviously has massively influenced your career. When did you first purchase it? Where? And did you originally intend to make electronic or hip-hop beats with it?

DJ Cream: I bought my first MPC in 2013 from a private seller online, I wanted to make mainly house music but you know….It’s very difficult to not make a hip hop beat when you have this baby in your hands…. Check out the album on Robsoul Jazz “Return To The Classics” made with my Homequest crew, that’s my first hip-hop adventure!

How long did it take you before you got to a stage where you were fairly comfortable with it? And on that note, if you could change and improve one element of your production skill-set, what would it be?

DJ Cream: Uhm that’s a nice question…I think you’ll never know! I’ve been playing for quite a while now but I think that there will be always that special feeling in a new club, situation or whatever. And about improving, there’s not only one element, I’m young and I would like to learn as much as possible every time I can!


On the latest EP you also brought in a vocalist too. Can you tell me a bit about who she is, why you chose her and what you felt she brings to the release?

DJ Cream: Hehe, this is funny, his name is Alo and he is an Italian singer that has a really special style in my opinion. I love vocals I’m really attached to the 90’s Italo House vocals and when I first heard him sing on the track I was really excited to collaborate with him!

Have you ever tried singing or rapping into your own music? Is this something you’d consider?

DJ Cream: Yeah is something that I have considered and maybe you will hear something soon!

Let’s also chat about the label, Smile & Stay High? I guess weed has had a pretty profound impact on your work. do you find you’re more creative with it and that it’s conducive to making the music you write?

DJ Cream: The name of the label is based on my way of living life, I love people that approach with a smile, you know it’s free! and make people feel better, and by staying high I mean keep a good mood with people around you and yes It’s also a funny reference to the weed 🙂 that really inspires me in the long studio nights!

The visual aesthetic of the label is also really great. Did you come up with these designs yourself? And did you also have a skateboard and graffiti past yourself?

DJ Cream: I love the style of the label, I made the logo with the help of my friend Dumbo Beat he has really sick skills with graphics stuff, I didn’t have a skateboard and graffiti past but I’ve always been attracted form them.

What else can we expect from DJ Cream over the next while?

DJ Cream: A lot of stuff guys! First of all the second release of my Smile&StayHigh label then It’s almost ready the new Bolo Represent, a project made with Nudge (Dumbo Beat and DJ P!sta), Jackie and Bassa Clan (Dino Angioletti and Fabrizio Maurizi) get ready because this will bang in your record bag! The release on Robsoul Recordings will be out soon, I’m really attached to this label since I was a kid, for me it’s a real honour to join the Phil Weeks team! Last but not the least I’m planning something spicy for Dreamers recordings