Q & A: Ness, fresh with debut LP Trancemigration [TGP] [TECHNO]

Release date: June 8th
Artist: Ness
Title: Trancemigration
Label: The Gods Planet

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This album features some new and experimental sounds in relation to your recent productions, did anything, in particular, inspire you to go down this path?

– The need of express something different from a classic ep release surely influenced this way of producing the album. I was looking for a new way of producing too, I would say 80% it’s made by live recording from the analog machines. So mainly I tried to push myself into a still unexplored territory because it’s something I wasn’t really doing in Ableton before, rather I use to write myself all automation by hand, something I still do actually, but this way I managed to add more human touch to the music.

How do you name your tracks?

– In the beginning, I wrote a kind of story plot, then during the process went out the titles didn’t fit anymore for what I was doing. At that point when a track was finished, I named differently from what I prepared, I don’t know how but I came across a concept I really liked, it tells about the spiritual path I embraced in the last years.

Going back in time – tell us about the moment you decided you’d start produce and/or DJ? What was your trigger and motivation behind it?

– I don’t know if everyone gives it for granted but I did it for passion, and still, I can’t manage to call it work despite it’s what allow me to have a decent life. Djing came first, producing was a consequence. So perhaps the intention in the very beginning, was to make a life with it, I’m kind living the dream for now and understanding what it’s the social importance of what I’m doing.


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