New electronic treasures week 15

Strøm – Mesmerize

First out is the debut single by Stockholm based 27 year old producer Strøm. Heavily influenced by Daniel Lanois, Jai Paul, D’Angelo & DIIV his debut track Mesmerize gently surfs on the border between dubby techno and melodic pop-electronica. Out now on Icons Creating evil art.

Billie Eilish – Bored

Just 15 years old Billie Eilish drops in with another beautiful chilled down electronic gem. It also appears as the soundtrack of the Netflix series 13 reasons why.

Trevor James Tillery – Fire with Fire

Fire with Fire is the second single from Trevor James Tillery’s monthly single releases collection Together.Alone. Soothing vocals, minimalistic percussion, and narrative soundscapes crowns this little jewel. Enjoy!

Noosphere – Day 2 – Biota

Music for a dystopian movie – or a rainy day. An emotive piece from Noosphere’s debut.

Haides – Need This

Need This is the first single from Haides debut EP. Slow-pop at it’s best, with cleverly accented lyrics and in balance between electronica-cuts and classical sections of piano.

hvdson. – Faded

Groove, soul, crispy perc. This latest revision of Kanye’s fade resamples what was already sampled by Kanye, which is blended with various royalty free samples.

Geoffroy – Thirsty (feat. Men I Trust)

Thirsty is the third co-lab between Geoffroy and Men I Trust. A chilled track which takes you away to evening strolls on sun-warm beaches. Truly needed mode in the current weather of Scandinavia.

Magic Bronson – Nervous

Post-chillwave meets urban. Inspiration taken from the news and Magic Bronson’s own real life experiences during 2016.

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