Beats of Tomorrow week 42 (Eric Sharp, Drew Gannon, Haulm, Prospect Lux, Madelin, Nasaya)

The very best non-dancefloor / future beats releases that found their way to our inbox this week include a warm soulful Future Soul / Deep House collaboration between LA-based producer Eric Sharp and the singer Zhao. Gotta love the throbbing bass on this one. Next out is Ride The Wave, a dance-pop surfer track by Drew Gannon. They Came Along is a hypnotic downtempo ballad by Brooklyn based Haulm aka JT Norton and electronic producer Reed Kackley (BAILE) inspired by downtempo and techno music but bring out a lot more soul to surface thanks to JT Nortons timeless vocals. Next up, brooklyn puts itself once the again on the map as the neighbourhood with most talented electronic musicians per capita as Prospect Lux and Madelin collaborate on the timeless Future Soul debut Troubador. Last out the Milk single by Nasaya might be starting off with anonymous backbeat but don’t be fooled, it slowly blossoms into a jazzy indie electro with beautiful drops that found their way onto the Majestic Casual Records.

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