[Deep House Album] The Mechanical Man – Mechanical Soul (Bosconi Extra Virgin)

Fabio Della Torre’s Bosconi label has long been a source of considerate house and techno. Regardless of whether it’s industry veterans or carefully chosen up-and-comers, their modus perandi always veers toward a side marked ‘quality’. Their latest falls into the latter camp and it comes at us from emerging producer The Mechanical Man. An Italian with a great sense of harmony and melody, his music is as fresh as the label it’s hosted on, with this album, Mechanical Soul, proving a case in point.

Opening the release is the dreamy sounds of ‘Sam’. Delicate and waif-like in structure, they get us underway with a real distinction. ‘March’ is a rougher jam, more banging in its outlook from start to finish. ‘Broken Gravity’ showcases the producer’s liking for the unusual, whereas ‘Slap’ is another track of great and unusual depth. 

The second half of the release gets underway with ‘Attrazioni’, a melancholy, percussion-fueled worker that’s a real joy on the ears. ‘Amarcord’ sees the producer do his best Larry Heard impression and go deep, before ‘Gess’ (feat Bob Vito) again displays the swing that’s so prominent in his work. Culminating the heavyweight package is ‘The New Stein’, another gorgeous jam that reminds us of the producer’s worth. The Mechanical Man is one to watch out for, that’s for sure.

About Alex Esser:

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