Tom Redwood – I’ve Fallen For You

Swedish artist Tom Redwood released debut single ‘I’’ve Fallen For You’ on April 1st via SONY Sweden.

The enigmatic Swede marks his entrance with these 3.17 minutes of blissed out electronica. The narrative that is unveiled is the beginning chapter of a relationship that will unfold over the release of future singles. A literal musical journey. A man of few words, the poem overhead encapsulates the meaning behind the track, ‘I’’ve Fallen For You’

“Ten steps are ten too many.

I try to pretend, but you know I am transparent.

Like a shadow, I am proof of someone’s existence.

For what shadows lack, is the ability of expression.

Pulled by the gravity, I began the chase.

With every step I took, you picked up the pace.

When I was beyond the point of return, I knew.

That I had fallen for you.”

Have a listen for yourself below:

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