Premiere: Simina Grigoriu – Ninja Princess [Kuukou Records]

Simina Grigoriu, who’s EP Hop Scotch we just released, is back with a new EP dropping this summer on her new imprint Kuukou Records (meaning “airport” in Japanese). The EP is called Techno Monkey/Nina Princess and consists of the two tracks including four other banging remixes, but it was “Ninja Princess” that really got our attention with its sonic explorations of the tropics; lots of percussion, luscious vocas and last but not least; the beautiful shimmering synth pads adding a fine layer of summer melancholy. We’re glad to host the premiere for this beautiful little techno piece and are looking forward to hearing more stuff from Kuukou Records, which you should really go follow since Simina is planning to release some “future techno bombs” as she stated in an e-mail to us.

Techno Monkey/Nina Princess will be out the 8:th of July.

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