Premiere: Post Pines – Blood [Meraki Force October 28th]

Linköping based post-pop techno duo Post Pines fill our days and haunt our nights. Blood is the first track off the forthcoming Past Eyes EP. The debut EP by the duo who already brought us midnight gems such as Waterfall, Simma, Moon and the late Flora Cash Pharao remix. Just as the track title suggests Joakim & Julius new EP will get under your skin.

Now Post Pines prepare to release the debut EP Past Eyes (due to oct 28th), consisting of two ambiently driven and two rhythmic tracks which keep up the significance of Post Pines grandiose soundscapes and minimalistic narrative lyrics. If today’s musical conventions consist in build-up and explosion, Post Pines manifest their difference by implosive effects and sounds. Musical references can be noticed in Bon Iver, Youth Lagoon and Phoria as well as Sigur Rós, a soundtrack for both naive day dreams and poetic life situations relatable to those viewing themselves as emotional personalities.

Artist: Post Pines
EP: Past Eyes
Release Date: Oct 28th 2016
Label: Meraki Force

1. Post Pines – Moon
2. Post Pines – Blood
3. Post Pines – Grain
4. Post Pines – Now Hold

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