Premiere: Nite Flights – On The Road feat the Land Below (Hybris Recordings)

tobias isaksson nite flights azure blue jet lag on the road hybris recordings

Reading up on the interview with Tobias Isaksson on swedish indieblog, one might think his new project Nite Flights is the loneliest thing you’ll ever hear. The interview begins on a note of isolation, spins into claustrophobia and sadness of lost love and lost time for love, playing on the textual tangents of his burial of old romances and longing for past embraces, remembrance of what’s been and the what-could-have-beens – the big magnum opus of his Azure Blue-moniker, the multifaceted romancing indie rebel’s swan song and album trilogy that began with Rule of Thirds, ventured deeper and deeper into reflection and dreams on Beyond The Dreams There’s Infinite Doubt, and closed like an obscure Hollywood masterpiece from the 80s with Beneath The Hill I Smell The Sea. That closing of the door of words, Tobias lyrics always being poetically central to the musical themes, must have been devastating. Nite Flights is the instrumental consequence of years and years of trying to find words.

And so the doors were shut on the studio and the daylight and Tobias swirled the drapery of sorrow around him, slept little, went on occult adventures and misadventures, went spiritual, then theoretical, spirito-theoretical, shamanic, technocratic, crashed, re-crashed into the matrix and reawakened as Nite Flights again (the name taken from The Walker Brother’s desolate “Nite Flights”) and finally went techno, as many do and never turn back. And I mean straight into the vein of the magician techno of the 80s, analog, clean crisp, hard as fucking hell and, with the twist of Tobias genius, full of the azurian skies, beautiful tropical forests and hazy Jamie XX-style calypso-dreams. The music isn’t quite as lonesome as you might have thought, the loneliness being processed through the lights of the night club. It’s sensuality coming from the eyes and tentacles of the turntables high up on stage.

Sleeping during days, living the life of the hero and antihero during the night with his hyperpopular and successful club night on Spy Bar, what we in Sweden would call very “creddigt”, a weird spot for someone as humble and Göteborgsk as Tobias, right in the middle of the hot spot of Stockholm, Stureplan. But this turn of fate took his music to the club and refined his sense of what makes a body move and a heart bounce.

Today we are honored to premiere what I would say is the most pumping badass track of the new album Jet Lag (released via Hybris Recordings 30th march), the fantastic “On The Road”, a topic Tobias knows very well, having toured like a madman across the US and Europe, a lonely enterprise from what I hear from DJs, artists, burning souls of restlessness, and traveling miracle workers, something Tobias embodies all elements of. Roads, up into the skies and down into the abyss, is a favorite theme of our nattflygare (neologism in Swedish for what I would call visionaries traveling into new territories in the dreamscapes).

I could go and on, as we say, but I’d rather let you go on and on listening to this wonderful, transformative music and give you a hint of one of the best electronical dance records from Sweden this year.


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