Premiere: Lilliam Wee – Depopulation [Blackstrap]

lilliam wee

February 29th will se the release of London based Lilliam Wees second EP of ‘The Three Moons EP Series’ entitled Kerberos. In Greek mythology, Kerberos (or Cerberus) is often called “the hound of Hades”. He’s a giant three headed dog who guards the gates of the underworld and therefore prevents the dead from leaving. Kerberos (the EP) sounds exactly like that; like a musical embodiment of what it could feel like walking through the underworld. We know because we have listened to the EP on repeat the last couple of weeks and we’re hoping you will too, when it comes out on Monday on Wee’s own Blackstrap imprint.

However, there was one song on Kerberos that really caught or attention. It’s called “Depopulation” and today we’re hosting the premiere for this beautifully dark piece of dystopian techno. It clocks in just over 7 minutes, making it long enough to hypnotize you with it’s 80’s tinged (and very detroit-ish) synth pads, bubbling 303 bass and heavy use of Rej-influenced arpeggios. We love it. You should too!

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