Premiere: Imaski – Sisters (Jamaica Suk Remix) [Establishment Records]

Imaski is a new self titled debut-EP of a new project from the Berlin based multimedia artist and producer Peter Kirn. With Imaski he has set out to explore the experimental and futuristic side of contemporary dance music and electronic pop, with previous single “Don’t think of me” acting out as what can possibly be Imaskis signature sound, or Hyperreal as he refers to it.┬áThe EP features the very trippy and spaced out “Sisters” which happens to have been remixed by fellow Berliner, DJ and producer Jamaica Suk.

We couldn’t help to fall in love with Suk’s enigmatic remix and how she managed to carve out the original poppy track and frame it in a dark, enigmatic techno outfit, balancing the subtleness of hypnotic techno and the stomping deepness of big room techno. Top it all of with a deep bass, chopped, pitched vocals and some subtle melancholic synth pads emerging every now and then and you have the ultimate banger.┬áProducers of hypnotic big room techno, take note!

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