Premiere: Flora Cash – Pharaoh (Post Pines Remix)

Flora Cash is husband and wife Cole Randall and Shpresa Lleshaj. They are back with a remix package following up their mesmerising album Can Summer Last forever? First out ahead of the friday release is the breathtaking remix by Post Pines, the swedish ambient-pop post-techno duo. Dark techy bass and kick drum make love to the feather-light synthesisers and the original vocal capturing the mix of orange melancholia, happiness and nostalgia typical for the swedish autumn.

Artist: Flora Cash
Title: Pharaoh (Post Pines Remix)
Label: Idol Creating Evil Art
Release Date: 30th September 2016

1. Flora Cash – Nightmare
2. Flora Cash – Pharaoh (Post Pines Remix)
3. Flora Cash – For Someone (Brandyn Burnette Remix)
4. Flora Cash – And Ever (Darkly Remix)
5. Flora Cash – Pharaoh (1987 Remix)
6. Flora Cash – Nightmare (Cole Randall Remix)

P.S. Post Pines – Moon!

Post Pines are also back with breathtaking Moon – out right now on Meraki Force:

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