Best new release: Post Pines – Simma [Meraki Force, Sweden]

Post Pines Simma Mereki ForceLovely electronic post rockish pop from upcoming swedish duo Post Pines, released via the fire, flame and force of Linn Lindersons new label Meraki Force. This is otherwordly ambience, the kind that could make you forget about lyrics, being drowned in beautiful sounds and reverb that makes sense on a whole different level than words, bringing Island to Sweden or, better put, bringing the swedish connection to mystical nature all around us in a nation filled with forests, fields feelings and pine trees, into the dreams of dreamy DJs introducing or ending their tour de force-mix of emotions.

Julius Norrbom and Joakim Andersson found each other in a haze of fate and remixed one of the worlds most cleansing songs, Bon Iver’s “Wash”, and the collaboration to create a surging force into the minds of introverts through music began. They were called Garden, and their music was a garden of eden. 2015 was the year when they stood on stages with big swedish acts like Min Stora Sorg, Thomas Stenström and Dead Soul. 2016 they became Post Pines and ventured post their sophomore productions to go “[d]eeper into the woods, deeper into ourselves yet further away from us”, and the music sound very much like that, distanced from personality and into the general all embracing feeling of being surrounded by trees.“Waterfall” sounds more inspired by mountain high indie music than techno or house, but the drive of electronic dance music is the force of this waterfall of sublime and misty sound, and it becomes evident what moves us forward as soon as the percussion swoops into the mix.

The title track “Simma” seems to be about memories, and the track fittingly reminds me of remembrance and sets the mood for meditation. Right now in Sweden the clouds are crushingly filled with anxiety, but as soon as I press play I feel them slowly, slowly shatter into a breathtaking spring with driplets of water falling from the leaves. One day, soon, I will bring my headphones down to Svarte Mosse, the reservation close to where I live, find the calmest spot and let my own sadness and anxiety drip down into the ground while the sun of the music embraces me.

Your thoughts, please