Luna City Express – Playlist takeover and Interview


We called up one of Berlin’s finest house duo to talk about the 2016, releases on Gruuv and 20/20 vision, a possible new album and to ask them to suggest 10 favorite tracks for our playlists.

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Hi guys, how are you both? 

You’ve obviously been working hard in the studio producing some really great tunes recently – we’ve loved listening to them.

How was it working with 20/20 Vision? What really stood out for you working with them?

We are actually still working with the 2020 Vision guys as we’re planning another EP on the label as soon as possible. It’s an honor to work with them since we’re following the label since the mid 90s. We also know Ralph Lawson since quite a long time and always wanted to do a release with him. We’re more than happy that it finally worked out and are looking forward to continuing the collaboration.

And how was Gruuv? What makes them a particularly special or unique label?

The collaboration with Gruuv was pretty similar and easy going as the one with 2020Vision. We also have a really good relationship with the guys from Audiojack and it’s always fun to meet them, even though it happens too rarely.

Now what’s the plan for 2016?

Of course working on new music and maybe even finishing our 2nd album.

Are there any places you particularly love playing?

There are so many special places around the world. The unusual venues are the ones that stand out most. But in the end it doesn’t matter whether it’s in a dark and sweaty club, or on the beach, or in the wood, or in an old castle – the total package has to bet he right one.

How would you describe your local scene and how does it differ to other places around Europe?

Berlin is pretty much raver’s paradise. There are no other places in the world where you have clubs that are open regularly from Friday night til Monday morning or even Tuesday without closing the doors inbetween. Also the diversity of clubs is very unique. It’s very common in Berlin that the clubs have outdoor dance floors and chill areas. Finally it’s great to see that the most established clubs in Berlin coexist since so many years already.

What’s going to happen this year in terms of trends? Who are you tipping for this year to push through?

We’re not really following any trends to be honest but there will be something new for sure after the so called Deep House trend.

Smokin’ Bull is a really varied record, unpredictable and exciting to listen to – did you have lots of ideas before production began, or was it more of an organic process?

It’s always an organic process. Each single production is individual. Ideas are coming within the production process.

You’ve got forty years of experience in the industry between you, and it seems that you have one of the most enduring musical partnerships we can think of. What is it that keeps you so close when a lot of other duos might have split up?

We’re DJ’ing since the middle of the 90s and together since 16 years. We know each other and live in the same hood since 16 years, our project Luna City Express exists since 11 years, we’re friends, got the similar taste of music, food and many other stuff, which makes it pretty easy to come along with each other. This all pretty much sums it up.

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