Kornél Kovács The Bells [Studio Barnhus] simple yet clever as hell

Kornell Kovacs the bells

Release date: Aug 26th 2016
Artist: Kornél Kováchs
Title: The Bells
Label: Studio Barnhus

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I’ll might aswell admit to it right away – I’m that kind of youth who spends a lot of money on live and digital music, but rarely as a buyer of wax. It happens from time to time when I’ve just enjoyed an amazing live performance, or when I stumble upon something I consider as extra ’nerdy’ in regards to production. I’m writing this piece with a slight ambivalence felt in regards to Kornél Kovács’s The Bells (cheeky name to give a debut LP to start with!). But yeah – after enjoying a weekend accompanied with it I’ll give him the cred.

With a nerdy sense yet easy going, simple yet clever as hell, intricate yet deliberating. Influences of house, funk, techno, balearic – it’s all there, touching on more accesible artists from popular culture like Jungle in BB, or Chrome Sparks in Szív Utca, but without letting finesse or unique character pay the price. The versatility of The Bells is a playful selection for a broad spectrum of different tastes in music yet maintaining a strong sense of coherence.

Kornél sure deserves the one minute long, touching on hubris, burst-out heard at the end of Urszusz. So I’m going to wrap this up by stating that I woke up to a somewhat shitty/tired Friday last week, turning at the point where I decided to go to my local vinyl shop (on the door 15 mins before opening!) amenable to the opportunity that I might feel some pride in owning The Bells some time in the future. Fav tracks? BB and Dance… While the record spins.

Track list:

A1. Szikra Intro
A2. BB
A3. Dollar Club
B1. Gex
B2. Josey’s Tune
B3. Dance… While The Record Spins
C1. Szív Utca
C2. The Bells
D1. Pop
D2. Urszusz

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