Konstantin X Ayla Shatz – Paper

Multi-facetted producer Konstantin has earlier shown great promise through remixes from Galantis, Chainsmokers and the duo Swim. Here is a new turn where he pairs up with vocalist Ayla Shatz for a intimate and forward-looking release.

Konstantin have had quite a journey already. Starting of focusing on house music and melody-driven electronica, he never found himself being completely content with how the soundscape evolved.

“I like to listen to it, but making it wasn’t the same – my heart wasn’t really in it.”

Finding more ethereal influences as well as trap beats – which is slightly underground in Sweden – he created a new expression that took over.

Through Ayla Shatz vocals a hazy atmosphere is weaved into ‘Paper’. The track express both hope and helplessness with free flowing vocal style and heartfelt expression. The melodic vocals is strong as well as tenderly guiding. The warm trap-infused beats are punchy as well as caressing. The musical expression is modern, nordic and forward-thinking and set a new contemporary tone to electronic pop.

I personally think this is a promising step away from the comfort of remixing and into the void of finding an individual expression. With every step away from comfort there is a risk of finding oneself stumbling in the dark. ‘Paper’ shows that Konstantin is more likely to find his space in the spotlight of attention.

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