DJ close up: Doctor Dru interview & playlist

We caught up with Doctor Dru – DJ, producer & Jeudi Records label boss to talk about touring, dream producers and 10 favorite tracks.

HMWL: What have you been up to recently, and what labels and projects will you be working on in the future?

Doctor Dru: Currently I’m on tour in the united states. After some weeks in the studio it was about time to leave the comfort zone and start exploring again. Finished some stuff , some is still in the making.

Where do you find inspiration for your music?

It’s great if you find some time to listen to music of other genres than dance music again.

Doctor Dru: I always wonder where inspiration comes from. For me best thing is not to listen to stuff from other producers of our genre, this is distracting and costs time. It’s great if you find some time to listen to music of other genres than dance music again. I mean like the old stuff. I’ve heard a lot jazz and afro music again. This is clearing my mind and widens my view on things. Melodies flying around everywhere. Just need to pick them.

If you could produce an EP with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would itbe and why?

Doctor Dru: I think, I once said Prince as an answer to this question. I’m a huge fan and always admired his musicality and style. When he died I truly couldnt believe it and felt a deep sadness. I’m not sure if we would have gotten a long with each other. I know a mixer who has worked with him and he said Prince was not easy to deal with. Anyways I leave it like that. Prince would have been the guy. Just one day to feel his creativity and workflow and to see how open he was to other people sideas. And maybe we would have written a major hit.

Prince would have been the guy.  And maybe we would have written a major hit.

Where’s your favorite place in the world and why?

Doctor Dru: I’m happy where I am. May it be on tour, in my cosy studio or with my family. I realized from all the travelling that places are just places. But no place will give you peace if you don’t feel home in your heart.

If you had to listen to three tracks for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Doctor Dru You can’t be serious?! There are some songs I can listen to over and over again, like my sister did when she was a teen. Just one record all day long. Unbelievable. hm..but maybe it would be Wanna be startin somtheing by Michael Jackson. Just too perfect this song is..produced and written. For the party time and always brings you in a good mood. Basically I would listen to this one song for the rest of my life. hahaha..

Doctor Dru Playlist

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Tell us a bit about the (ten) tracks you selected for our playlist.

  1. NIco Stojan feat JAW ­ The Blue Hour (Doctor Dru Remix) – Perfect for the Open Air season.
  2. D-nox & Beckers “Serenade” JEUDI Records – Will def find some new friends this summer. An anthem. Came out in February on JEUDI. So ready for Ibiza! I’ve added the remix work. Check it!
  3. Yuri Shulgin ­ Acid Vertigo ( Dub Version ) ­ Modernista – Being also a drummer I m always tempted by this kind of tracks. It has the 80s dub nostalgica I love.
  4. Isaac Tichauer ­ Higher Level ( Bicep remix ) – An amazing remix I’ve been playing for a while. A tune to raise the spirit on the floor.
  5. Patrice Baeumel ­ Dum Dum ­ Speicher 89 – Very inspiring. I like tracks that are different in this uniform world. One of these special ones I’m always digging for.
  6. Rampa -­ Trust ­ keinemusik – Rampa has lots of taste. I basically like to play all of his tracks in certain situations. Giving me this relaxed vibe I need to feel comfy behind the decks.
  7. Namito, Brams ­ Yto ( Rued Hagelstein remix) Systematic Recordings – Frequently coming up in my sets since 2015. A masterpiece remix by Ruede.
  8. Midland ­ Blush – Pretty sure this will be played to death over summer . Great tune by Midland
  9. Denis Horvat ­ In Hertz – Uplifting
  10. Roman Fluegel ­ 9 years ( Dj Koze rmx) – Aaaafterhour! Dream away on whatever you are.
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