Vinyl review: La Fleur – Make A Move EP | Watergate Records

The new release by Swedens First Lady La Fleur is now out on her home label Watergate. It is a strong house infused EP combining classical elements with her own futuristic sound. 

It’s no secret that I follow up on the more organic leads when it comes to electronic music. I strongly believe that it is in the borderlands of authentic and man-made sounds that we find the most interesting soundscapes.
La Fleur’s unique palette of sounds has taken it one step further by combining the classical influences of house and techno, such as the vintage hi-hats, with futuristic concepts of floating grand basslines.

Listening through ‘Make A Move EP’ it is easy to identify the producers personal sound. It is well-crafted, dramaturgically smooth and personally intimate. This is where I find the contradiction. The music is self-conscious and confident, but the lyrics of the title track says ”I saw you last week, same place same time, but I didn´t make a move”. As Swedish anxiety meet the decisiveness of Berlin and Watergate, La Fleur turns it into two sides of the same coin in a very conceptual and yet personal way.

The second track, ’Just In Time’ is a slow-churning, but nevertheless soul-nudging, piece of music. It seamlessly balances the wash of lush pads as it canvases a rolling and unrelenting bassline as a looping female vocal circles the room slowly rearing itself and then quickly hiding again.

The final track, ’Result’, connects the dots and brings the organic vibe of natural drums as a cosmic wind sweeps the dense, repetitive bassline. ’Result’ is right where I want it to be, in the hard reached canyons in the borderlands of organic and, in this case, woman-made soundscape.


See La Fleur live at the inauguration party of new club Audiio in Stockholm.
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