Vinyl Giveaway: La Fleur Felin EP and Jesper Ryom Aviator EP [Power Plant Recs 004 and 005]

vivivLa Fleur - Feline front Jesper Ryom Aviator Front

We are following up our recent interview with Power Plant Recs boss La Fleur with a very special vinyl giveaway of Power Plant Records two latest releases: La Fleur – Felin EP (PPR004) and Jesper Ryom – Aviator EP (PPR005).

To win one of two vinyls all you have to do is:

1. Subscribe/Follow the Swedish Electronica playlist currently curated by La Fleur either on Spotify or Deezer.
2. Post a comment below telling us which vinyl you want and why

The winners will be announced on Monday the 9th of February 2015. The comment can be left either as a Facebook comment or a web comment further down in the post. We will contact the winners for their addresses so we can send the vinyl to your door. Good luck!

La Fleur – Felin EP (PPR004)

A1: Kattflickan
B1: Feline

Jesper Ryom – Aviator EP (PPR005)

A1: Aviator
A2: Apolune
B1: Aviator – La Fleur Remix

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