Thyladomid – Interstellar Destiny [Out Now on Diynamic Music]

Thyladomid - Interstellar Destiny

Diynamic signing Thyladomid has been on a rich vein of form since he first perked up on the label and just in case you were beginning to wonder if the German’s success was some sort of flash in the pan, here’s his debut album to refute those claims. Entitled Interstellar Destiny, it is – predictably – full of cosmic and sci-fi synths from the off, and much of it wouldn’t sound out of space on the Gravity soundtrack thanks to its many futuristic leanings and its penchant for the unlikely.

Anyhow, the bumper-packed 16 track album gets off to a fine start, as the likes of ‘Generation Y’ enforce the view that this is not your average Diynamic LP (not that there would be anything wrong if it was, but you get our point). Anyway, elsewhere we have the likes of ‘Brotherhood’, which begins the voyage in sound and exploration that defines the album. The producer’s political agenda is showcased on the likes of ‘Capitalism’. Dark and foreboding, it perhaps reminds you just what you already know about the predominant global class system.

The album takes a cooler for a while soon after, before exploding into life again courtesy of tracks like ‘Daddy Rainbow’ and ‘Dragonfly, which offer the clearest indication yet that Thyladomid is a producer keen to make a name for himself on his own terms.

One couldn’t analyse the album , however, without passing comment on the vocal word of Mahfoud, who joins Thyladomid on four tracks, ‘Mavericks’, ‘Ladybird’Love In the Wrong Dose’ and  ‘The Real Thing’. Sometimes subtle, sometimes pronounced, Mahfoud’s sensual spoken poetry gives the album an added sheen, as is indicative on the likes of ‘The Real Thing’, which – despite being one of the album’s highlights – actually first came out in July of last year. Either way, Thyladomid is no longer the fledgling pup at Diynamic but is more a competent force in his own right. And Interstellar Destiny is the release the confirms this as fact.

Artist: Thyladomid
Title: Intersteller Destiny
Label: Diynamic
01) Intergalactic Spring
02) Generation Y
03) Brotherhood
04) Inner Space
05) Capitalism
06) Polarlight
07) Something On Earth
08) Daddy Rainbow
09) Dragonfly
10) Mavericks (ft. Mahfoud)
11) Ladybird (ft. Mahfoud)
12) Ephidrin
13) Love In The Wrong Dose (ft. Mahfoud)
14) The Real Thing (ft. Mahfoud)
15) Outer Space
16) Supernatural
Verdict: 9/10

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