Techno track of the week: Sandra Mosh – “Skogsrave”


“Skogsrave is the Swedish word for a rave in the woods, a somewhat sacred haven during summer. Unfortunately the Swedish summer has been awful this year and a lot of skogsraves has been cancelled due to rain (and the police of course). Therefore, here’s a tribute to the skogsrave. For getting stung by mosquitoes as the sun goes down and drinking cheap, warmish canned beer. But even more so for that special feeling of closeness, to the other ravers and the music but also to nature.”

Sandra Mosh came to my attention about three years ago via the Swedish national radio show Musikguiden i P3 where she’s been curating superb mixes every friday night since 2011, with music ranging from skull cracking techno, acid house, electronica to interstellar, ambient techno. She’s been DJ:ing since 2008 but didn’t consider producing her own music until late 2013 when she started her own imprint MOSH Musik and debuted with her EP Skallgång the year after. The EP, consisting of two beautiful techno tracks, the title track being my favorite one: with a heavy kick drum, organic percussion, open hi-hats, claps and the simplest of minimalistic but maximalistic melodies brought together by a metallic detroit-ish synth pad (or a heavily filtered piano?), quickly found it’s way in to every playlist containing dance music I’ve ever curated.

But now it’s time for Mosh 2.0, which is due to be released this Monday. The release is called Skogsrave, which can be translated into “A rave in the woods” and it consists of three really beautiful hyper-amtospheric tracks (yes, I’ve heard ’em). The title track though, is what gets me and that’s why I had to post it as the track of the week; It’s a 7.33-minute piece of atmospheric, hypnotizing and hard techno (just listen to that kickdrum!!) with crispy hi-hats and some melancholy soundscapes accompanied by a melodic synth line – everything drenched in reverb to create that feeling of being slingshotted out in space. Did she just release one of the best peak time bangers of 2015?

Release: 28 September 2015.
Label: MOSH Musik
01.Sandra Mosh – Skogsrave
02. Sandra Mosh – Gryningshymn
03. Sandra Mosh – Gryningshymn (Dub)

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