Techno Review: Nowakowski – Stateunknwn including Arkajo remix [BROR02 Vinyl 20151127]


The Swedish, Gothenburg based and Vinyl Only label, BROR Records, founded by producer/dj Martin Nowakowski (who’s also the one behind every track released on BROR so far)  is about to drop its second release since last springs’ house infused BROR01 Dryg/For Kajsa. BROR02 is made up of two tracks, the first one being an evocative, spaced out almost Detroit-hinting techno track and the other one being the tracks’ darker sibling consisting of a hypnotic, minimal remix contributed by Gothenburg based Arkajo (Nils Krogh) who also happens to be one half of the Gothenburg duo Genius Of Time together with Alexander Berg (Dorisburg).  This is a really evocative release, so be sure to grab it while you can, since it’s only released on vinyl.  You can buy it here, here, here or there.

Label: BROR Records
Release: BROR02
Title: Stateunknwn
Media: 12” vinyl
Release date: 2015-11-27
Artist: Nowakowski
A) Nowakowski – Stateunknwn
B) Nowakowski – Stateunknwn (Arkajo remix)

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