Moscow based Tantsui gear up with No Mercy EP on NoPassport


Moscow based label NoPassport ignite 2015 with russian trio Tantsui and their new EP ‘No Mercy’.

Russian trio Tantsui (edit: meaning “Dance!” in Russian) got a real push in 2013 when german youtube audiovisual blog Majestic Casual featured them on their compliation. Majestic Casual has since its launch in 2011 had almost 600 million plays on youtube, and some say this is the reason that artists like Cyril Hahn, Tourist and Ryan Hemsworth have had such a steep rise to fame.

Tantsui did not join the Nu movement, which was strong on the youtube-blogs, but stuck to their deep house and somewhat underground sound. They released EP:s on Whats In The Box and Highway, and now on the ever growing Moscow imprint NOPASSPORT. After the launch in 2012 the label originally set out to highlight the best electronic music, but is now more of a russian institution, creating live events and having an studio of their own.

The release is not really brow-raising, but very well crafted. It burns slow but with great heat. Light percussions, churning synths and melodramatic male vocals are Tantsui trademarks and creates a great atmosphere and melts together very well. The title track is no exception, and though the dull voice almost drowns in itself and the deep chords it is a breathing and dance friendly production. It makes me want to explore the Moscow club scene even more, though HMWL editor Alex, who also carries a russian heritage, already praised it.

Below, the dub version of Beautiful Day, was released in 2013 and is a much brighter and more uncomplicated soundscape, but wih great vibes. Check it out!

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