Rogerio Martins – Otherwise Unknown [Piston Recordings]

Rogerio Martins - Otherwise Unknown EP (Piston Recordings) - Digital Release Artwork

Piston Recordings at it again. If you’re not familiar with this label it is recommended to give their Ghetto Tales series a listen.

Head honcho Rogerio Martins delivers a club oriented release with this EP. With remix support from Kris Wadsworth and his signature sound, the only thing that makes sense is to play this one out loud in a club. This 4 track EP keeps a good balance of energy, melody and complete madness, where Wadsworth brings the madness, and the rest is blissfully delivered by Rogerio.

Release date vinyl: 05/07/2015
Release date digital: 06/08/2015
Go get it when it drops.

Top Track: Otherwise Unknown (Kris Wadsworth No Bible remix)


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