Review: Patrick Siech – Generator [Techno, Dirty Hands 002, Out Soon]

Patrick Siech – Generator
Per Hammar had an idea when starting up his label Dirty Hands. With the second release he flushed that idea right down the drain and just like his own mindset, Per is now letting Dirty Hands run free like a mob of anarchists confronting the cops. It might be that Per Hammar just loves way to many ”styles” of music and has a hard time to connect with a sound suitable for Dirty Hands. However, this is not equal to something bad, but it might be hard on some of the fans from the first release that brought us all a deep dub techno journey into back alleys and beautiful valleys.

DH002 is all about energy and darkness. This is not a release with the purpose to make you relax at a spa, this is pure techno mayhem. If you suffer from ”technofobia”, then go get a cure and stop reading.

Both tracks are pulsating and pushing, creating a feeling of an never ending night. On the A-side, the original track by Patrick Siech keeps a minimalsitic attitude of warehouse destruction. Like driving a tractor equipped with an engine from a Russian figther jet. It is simply hypnotic and something all parents should let there kids try before they turn five.

Flip the black gold and you will hit the B-side and Per Hammar’ s Tribal And Error Remix of Generator. The remix has slightly more elements to it, and yes there are some elements of tribal but no errors as far as I’m able to hear, and it tells more of a story. A really nice remix with a more moody sound then the A-side. But do not let the words let you go and think that it a “soft” or “smooth” track. Nope, this is still within in the cage of techno engines.

Both tracks are great works of techno and will without any doubt, be heard over and over again during 2015.

Label: Dirty Hands
Release: DH002
Titel: Generator
Media: 12” vinyl
Release date: 2014-04-13
Artist: Patrick Siech
A) Patrick Siech – Generator.
B) Patrick Siech – Generator (Per Hammar’s Tribal And Error Remix)

Verdict: 9/10

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