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Berlin-bred brothers bring new life to existing releases on the ever vitalizing Swedish house label Local Talk. Listen to the second part of the Rework Series, following up on the previous much acclaimed ‘HNNY Edits’.

House is not just alive and kicking, but it is sprawling and spawning all the freaking time. By adding their own characteristic twists and turns the Kyodai siblings show that there is more to quality house music from the likes of HNNY, Atjazz and the Shuya Okino than first was shown.

As funk evolved into early house in the early 80s the best of two worlds were brought together. Dashing percussions, drum breaks and synths of European electronic music was added to the funky basslines or soulful influences of disco and a new genre was born.

Kyodai has taken this one step further. Siblings Jay & Luis have produced under various pseudonyms and have now settled for a machine driven sound combining the modern techno influences of Berlin with funk of early Chicago house. By combining these timeless elements they create a new safe zone in the evolution of house. The second part in the Local Talk Rework Series is a organic step into the breeches of tech-infused funk, keeping a firm grip around the heart of Jack.

Eight reworks and one previously unreleased original cut in full.
Listen, buy it, play it.

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Kyodai – Breaking | Local Talk, 2013
Kyodai – Konbanwa | Local Talk, 2014

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