How You Really Should Enjoy HVOB’s “Trialog”

hvobThe album, being kept together by the way it is torn apart, is brilliant yet complicated.

Each day technology changes the conditions for how electronic music is created. The toolbox for producers grows daily with new software, hardware and soundware and it forces music makers to regularly change the process of production. As well as putting new pressure on producers to be innovative and daring it also makes the truly thorough concepts of sound a rare thing.

In addition, to make it in this brave new world you will have to deliver results, preferably yesterday, today and tomorrow. Few have the time or money to produce a full-length album, and remixes and EP:s are abundant. Go viral, gain attention and momentum and eventually you will be able to produce a real album some day.

Austrian duo HVOB chose another path. They decided to stop for a while, think through and cooperate with other disciplines of art to create something comprehensive and solid. It is ironic considering that the album Trialog is created from the idea of ten different chemical processes for breaking and reforming things.

They decided to mix, tear and etch together/apart an album that is something way more consistent and concrete than most things I have seen and heard in my twenty-five years of consciousness. Below is the four of the processes conjured by artist Clement Wolf, the visual collective Listerloh and of course music by HVOB. Go through them step by step, starting with Azrael.

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Skärmavbild 2015-05-25 kl. 16.20.48
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Watch HVOB live

HMWL has invited HVOB for their first live gig ever in Scandinavia. Supported by Swedish For BDK we proudly present HVOB live at Debaser Strand in Stockholm on the 5th of June. Join this extraordinary experience here. Also watch out for the VIP ticket competition, soon on the HMWL blog.

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