Premiere: Lone Soda – Awful

Lone Soda - Pineapple Squirt Discotheque Cover

“I’m a bit like Kazooie from the video game Banjo-Kazooie. A little reclusive, I hide in Banjos bag but when I get out, now and then, I’m very talkative. And like to sing a bit out of tune.” – Lone Soda

Lone Soda, former second half of the production duo About Girls, is an experimental loner with a penchant for popflavoured, ultramelodic techno and over the edge totally whack beats. His bedroom studio in Gothenburg is filled with instruments, controllers, laptops and video games. In between gaming sessions on PSN we find him going wild and trippy in the deep core of software sequencers, tweaking and squeezing out the bounce and funk from samples found on Youtube and Soulseek, digital VSTs and synth programming.

A chameleon that takes many forms, his odd and varied taste places him in good company with Kendal Johansson, Tove Agelii and other wild electronic producers in the vicinity of Gothenburg, proving that the Swedish west coast is again as awe-inspiring and outlandish as the guerilla beatmakers of Stockholm.

The music is inspired by lush and raw british house, glitch-hop, bubble gum bass ala PC Music, Japanese film- and game soundtracks, Sad Boysian cloud rap, trance, emotional Kompakt-techno, next gen r’n’b, and, surprisingly, the kind of intimate ambient beats that Holy Other does best. When talking about music he drops favorite acts into the conversation as if they are delicious recipes he’s tried himself over the years. And he’s been listening to everything from Tim Hecker to HNNY’s latest escapades in the art of the edit. At this moment he’s trying to figure out how to get his grip on Gabber-beats for a trip down Arca lane.

On his debut EP Pineapple Squirt Discotheque we are shown the wide variety of styles he’s played around with over the years. He’s been into electronic music for half a decade, DJing and producing under several alter egoes, including electro pop lyricist Skimret and the weirdo ambient folk moniker My Sister Is Job.

He asked us to pick out one track of our liking to premiere on the blog. It wasn’t easy. This is an amazing, strange EP with many highlights. We chose to go with the most cutesy house track on the EP, the opener “Awful”, on which he inhabits the persona of one of his favorite producers, Deadboy, but with his own smiley-tinged homemade sound. It’s a pretty restrained track compared to the rest of the EP, but it still┬áretains┬áthat peculiar sense of wonderful surprise that characterizes the entire listening experience.

Lone Soda – Pineapple Squirt Discotheque Ep (FULL)