PLAYLIST: HMWL Presents: Northern Techno and Beyond

Northern Techno and Beyond

I don’t think that I need to explain that the Swedish (and Scandinavian) techno scene has exploded. It has been under constant evolvement for a couple of years now, and new labels, producers and DJ’s keep popping up everywhere and everyday, making it hard to keep track on everything new. The music itself is also getting more experimental, deconstructed and genre defying  for each record being put out as well as harder to get your hands on both digitally and physically since a lot of the new producers emerging are these anonymous, anti-pr/anti-attention people that wants the focus to be on the music, not the person behind it. However, they tend to be really well known in their respective genres and circles OR they are signed to respected labels making their records sell out like, really, really fast.

These artists and producers are often found in “tracklist not available”-mixes on Soundcloud. If you’re lucky, the dj behind the mix is a sweetheart willing to give you the tracklist if you just ask him/her in a P.M or you’ll have to get your hands dirty and search all of the interwebs, labels and forums, not to mention shazaming the crap out of your poor iphone. This is why this playlist is missing a lot of great tracks; they are too obscure for Spotify and Deezer.

However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t great techno being uploaded on Spotify or on Deezer. You just have to spend more time searching for it, unlike Soundcloud where you can just see who your favorite DJ/producer is following and continue from there. In this playlist I’ve collected some of this year’s best techno releases so far, together with some older, but still high end electronica and ambient – the majority hailing from the cold, mysterious lands of the north and beyond. Enjoy!

Featuring Oni Ayhun, Minilogue, Dorisburg, Axel Boman, Benjamin Damage, Sandra Mosh, Kondens, Helena Hauff, Ascorbite, Nima Khak, Monolake, Liminals, Motormännen, Korridor and many more.

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